Tempur-Pedic's TEMPUR-Contour Side-to-Side Pillow Holiday Gift guide

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
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Tempur-Pedic's TEMPUR-Contour Side-to-Side Pillow  Holiday Gift guide 

Sleep such a wonderful thing.  Unless of course you aren't getting any.  I have chronic sleep insomnia, there are nights when I lay down at 10PM and by 6AM I am still wide awake and in tears out of frustration.
I tried everything to get rid of the insomnia, sadly after months I'm afraid it is here to stay.  It wasn't until I started to take medicine that I began to sleep again.  Trust me it really was a last resort.
The number 1 rule, the one thing I have to do to even make sleep somewhat of an option is to make myself comfortable.
That means having my room at the right temperature, turning off lights, keeping pets off the bed (Getting dirt on my sheets drives me nuts), speaking of sheets I make sure mine are soft and not stiff and finally the pillow.  I'm going to be laying on that thing for several hours I want to make sure it is beyond comfortable!
So I asked around and found out that Tempur-Pedic offers some pretty top of the line pillows.  
I was fortunate enough to be able to review a new Tempur-Pedic's TEMPUR-Contour Side-to-Side Pillow  I am so a side sleeper.  My left or right doesn't matter to me.  I wish I could sleep on my back it would help with my sinus issues, but I don't.  I blame my kids I use to be a back sleep, until my doctor said laying on your left side during pregnancy will help blood circulation for the baby.

Okay enough about me and more about the pillow.
Lets talk about what everyone looks for in a pillow!

Size:  This is a Queen size pillow so I think it is a perfect size.  I can roll from my left to right without my head following off the edge.  The thickness is perfect.  I think I read it is 4.75 inches, so thick enough to give me neck support without having my head to high up.

Feel:  So soft!  The day my pillow arrived I was sick.  I didn't want to use my pillow that day, but I couldn't help not taking it out and feeling it.  It is made with 100% premium knit and you can so tell when you run your hand along it.  The cover is removable so if it would get it dirty no need to get upset, simply remove and wash :).  As someone who really does toss and turn all night I need something gentle on my face.  I can say beyond a doubt the Tempur-Pedic contoured material is just that.  

Comfort:  Okay I have no clue what is inside this pillow, but all I can say is, wow!  It is soft, but firm if that makes sense.  The middle is really soft, but the edges are kinda firm to support my neck, shoulders and head.  I love how it works natural with the shape of my body when I sleep on my side.  Again the material really adds to the comfort of the pillow.

Quality:  I have not had this pillow long, but I can say from the time I have used it, it seems to be made of high quality and really durable material.  I can see myself having this pillow for a very long time.

Okay so now we know it is comfortable, durable and the perfect size. 
 Now lets talk about the cons....
This pillow may cause some arguments....  
You have no clue how many times I came into my room and had to yell at my hubby to give me back my pillow!!  The man steals it at least once a week lol
When I take it back he tells me I am greedy, pillow hog.
So yes I would suggest if you are married go ahead and buy two right away otherwise their may be a real "pillow fight." :)

I may still suffer from sleep insomnia, but at least now I can do so comfortable.

The side to side sleeper is only one option the offer a pillow for back sleepers, side-to-back sleepers and several other options.  Not everyone sleep alike so it makes sense to have pillows that aren't exactly alike.