Sometimes Bigger is Better Lash Factory!

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Sometimes Bigger is Better Lash Factory! 

I live in a small town, I have a small family and I even have a super small social circle.  I have small goals, small hobbies and a small house.
In case you didn't catch the theme I like living a small easy life.  Not because I can't live a big exciting life, I just don't want to, my way of life works perfectly for me.
Now I may like being small time, but that doesn't mean everything I love is small.
For example I LOVE big dogs!   As a kid my mom had a Saint Bernard and I ADORE that pup he was the sweetest thing every.  I love big cars, I swear by Dodge Durangos and I am already on my 2nd one!
And last but not least I like big eye lashes!  I may not be the prettiest girl in the world (Not even close), but I do like my eyes.  So any chance I get I try to draw attention to them, and away from my horrible freckles.
Thanks to the lovely people at Lash Factory I can give my lashes that WOW factor and make them stand out like never before.
The best part is this is all natural!  No weird glue or strange caterpillar lashes going new my eye.  Lash Factory helps to enhance my natural beauty. 
Lets start at the beginning.  Step one to natural beauty is taking care of what we have and making it better.  Lash Factory sent me a lash and brow serum.  I have only been using it for about a week now.  So I don't have any over the top results yet, but my lashes do seem softer!

Here is how it works.  In about 3 weeks the Serum will help to give me fuller, thicker lashes.  Powered by pentapeptides- natural rejuvenation compounds- this formula leaves lashes full and soft. Because it’s free of harsh chemicals and sulfates, Lash Science is safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.  Can be used on eyelashes & brows.  Made in the USA.
So even though I don't have much results yet, I am pretty sure in three weeks I am going to be gushing about my full thick lashes.  Not to mention my brows, I so messed them up a few weeks ago and had to take off more than I wanted :(.  I need help growing them back fast!!

So we are working on getting them back to healthy.  Now lets give them some instant results with the 300X 3D Fiber Lashes, 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Unlike regular mascara, the two-piece set uses All Natural Green Tea Fibers to extend and lengthen your lashes. The dry natural fibers attach to your lashes using some sort of Gel to give them that all out wow factor.
 By using the Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers together, you can add length and volume to your own lashes.  YOUR OWN LASHES!!  This just enhances what you already have.  No fake lashes with that gross glue.  This is all you!
I love how easy it is to apply and the fact I control how much or how little to use.  It took me a bit of time to get use to the fibers.  I would suggest going slow at first and only putting on your top lashes.  
And they are super easy to wash off.  I just use warm water and my normal eye makeup remover.  No extra cleaning products are needed.

So we are working on getting my lashes healthy, we now have instant wow the last thing we need is a finishing touch!
That is where the Eyelash & Brow brush comes in!

Lash Factory’s new eyelash & eyebrow comb is perfect for completing your perfect eye makeup routine. The metal teeth on the comb is a great way to comb out any excess mascara out of your eyelashes for a natural finished look, free of clumps. The brush side is perfect for brushing your eyebrows into place for a perfect well groomed look!
I don't have much eyebrows so I have not used this side much.  I do like the metal comb though!  It helps to get out only little clumps that way have formed.  Also it makes my lashes really stand out.  Last week I got caught in a rainstorm.  My eye didn't get overly wet, but wet enough that my lashes started to clump.  I simply pulled this out of my purse gave it a few swipes and my lashes looked good as new!

Lash Factory wants to make our lashes look great from beginning to end!  I know you are thinking okay lady you did a lot of talking now show us some results so with out further ado... Here are my BEFORE AND AFTER photos!
Again please note I only been using the serum for a week now, we need to wait for those before and after photos.  

(No I didn't chop of my bands in photo number 2!  I just forgot to take my band out for the photos!!)

I think my lashes look fuller and more defined. 
The products I used only only 3 of many!  Lash Factory offers so many other products.  To see them all check out my link below: