Tame that Mane, Flat Iron Experts

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Tame that Mane, Flat Iron Experts

Last year in 2014 I went to the beach with my family.  My kiddos and I, my brothers, sister and their fiances.  We had a nice ride down, stopped for dinner, check into our hotel room and then hit the beach.
The first hour at the beach was great!  My kiddos and I made sand castles, tossed around a beach ball and grabbed a slice of pizza.  It was only after I went into the ocean that things started to get bad.
I came out with a wet mop of hair.  I have super thick hair so when I say mop I really mean it, there is no taming salt watered wet hair.  Again though besides my hair being ultra heavy this was fine.  The issues began when my hair started to dry.  It started or with some weird little fly-aways.  My brother made the comment I was starting to look like a lion.  Fast forward and hour later and my hair looked as if I stuck my finger into an outlet.  My siblings nicknamed it my witch hair!!  The little brats, now whenever I am having a bad hair day they joking say "Please don't bust out the witch hair."
It was funny and I am always one for a good joke even if it is on my behalf.  The truth is though my hair is wild!  It is thick, wavy and unruly.   
Going to a salon is always fun since it takes me at least an hour more than anyone else.  I need top of the line products to keep my hair under control.

There are also a few rules I follow:
1) Never sleep with wet hair.  
2) Use only a comb or pick when my hair is wet.
3) Short layers are a big NO NO for me.
4) Don't buy cheap tools or products, they don't work

I have a curler that finally works in my hair and I have my beloved straight iron.  Here is the thing, it gets boring!  I either have full on curls or super straight hair!  I wanted a happy middle.  I wanted cute flips, a sassy blow out look and yes even some adorable turned in bangs!!
So to the internet I went in hope of finding a tool that could give me this happy medium. Then I found it:

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium and Ceramic Curved Plate Iron / Deep Curve Styler: 

Babyliss Deep Curve Styler lets you create natural waves, curls and flips in just seconds! 
Now I do have a natural wave to my hair.  The thing is it looks more link "kinks" then it does waves.  And they are all going into different directions.  I want something that looks posh and neat.

The BaByliss gives me just that with its Nano Titanium.  Nano Titanium  is an exception conductor of heat. It maintains stability in ultra-high temperatures and emits negative ions in their most beneficial form for faster straightening and locks in the hair's own natural moisture.  Also the Nano Titanium helps to destroy bacteria!
Okay so yes that was a lot of big works.  Basically it uses heat to make hair behave.  Since it helps to lock in natural moisture you aren't ruining your hair.  And it helps to destroy any bacteria or fungi that may be on your lovely locks.
 And the ceramic technology allows the plates to distribute heat evenly on hair.  So you wont have a weird kink in the middle of your strands.

What makes this stand out for other straighteners is the curved plate.  Instead of just straight on hair you can use this to give yourself natural looking waves.  You can even give the bottom of you hair a cute inward or outward flip.  Also I love that I can give myself super lose curls.  I have a curler that gives me tight spiral curls.  I love that I can do loser more flowing curls with the BaByliss Nano Titanium styler.
Okay so instead of talking about my waves flips and curls, I will just show you!
Now I want to warn you, me and a new hair product is like a kid in a candy shop.  You will get one before photo, but several afters.  I couldn't stop trying new looks
BEFORE - This is my wearing my flat straight hair.

Slight curl to the bottom of my hair.  I did this by going straight down and then at the end wrapping my hair slightly around the back of the styler.

Middle of the hair loose curls.  Same technique as the first time, I just started to wrap around the iron a littler sooner.

Flips.  This was fun!  All I did was as I was going down my hair kind of turned the iron to the side so that I was pulling toward the back of my head instead of to my feet.  It gave it a cute messy look

Full on waves!!  I started to turn the iron right from the start.  It resulted in curls starting near my scalp.  I then used my fingers to brush them out and give it just a wavy look. 

These are only a few styles I discovered on my first day of use!  I can't wait to see all the fun things I can do with my hair :)

And if you are wondering where that shine came from I used the Thermal Shine spray from Flat Iron Experts .
The shine is only one of the many benefits!
It helps to eliminates frizz, softens and polishes hair without build up.  The spray is super light weight and never lets my hair feeling greasy.