The Sugar Goblin A fun Halloween Family Tradition

This post is part of a sponsored campaign for The Sugar Goblin.  I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

The Sugar Goblin A fun Halloween Family Tradition 

Like most kiddos, mine look forward to Halloween each year.  They get to dress up, have a Halloween movie marathon and they get free candy!
When they were little I would go through their candy and give them each a small amount.  Quinn is still 4 so I can do this without much notice.
Brandon Jr on the other hand is 7 and he notices.  Last year I tried to do this and got caught!!  Do you know how funny it was to my hubby to see me with a mouthful of snickers trying to explain to a crying 6 year old why I was eating his candy.
I don't do it to be cruel, but I don't want my boys to consume all that sugar.  When I was a kid I was lucky to get 10 pieces.  I lived in the country so the houses were really far apart.  We worked for that candy lol
I still live in the country, but now drive my boys into town.  And they can fill an entire grocery bag with candy by the end of the night.

"Taking" their candy proved to be disastrous.  So this year we are going to try something new.  We are going to invite The Sugar Goblin into our home.
Wondering who The Sugar Goblin is?

Well he is a Goblin of course, a Goblin who can only eat candy.  There is an entire village of little Sugar Goblins, but sadly kids no longer want to share their treats :(  and the poor Sugar Goblins have run out of candy!
In order to save the Sugar Goblins kids need to start sharing their candy again.  You simply say the words Tricks for Treats and every night a Sugar Goblin will come into your home and play cute little tricks.
He hangs photos upside down, puts tape on the light switches so you can't turn them on, dyes the milk green!!  He may have took it a bit to far one night when he put pink lipstick on my sleeping hubby though!!

Every morning my kiddos would dash around trying to find what he did.  And each time they would giggle and laugh and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Now as you know Halloween hasn't yet come.  So our little Sugar Goblin has a few more weeks of tricks yet.  On Halloween night though in payment for all his tricks the kiddos are going to leave a bag of treats by the window for him.
He will take the bag and leave a gift in its place (I plan to get stickers for the kids)

I love it!  The kids can't wait to see how much candy they get so they can share it with The Sugar Goblins!  For once they are willing to give up their treats.
And I have the peace of mind knowing they won't be consuming so much sugar!

The Sugar Goblin comes with a sweet book and the cutest little Goblin plush I have ever seen.  Just look at those puppy dog eyes!

It isn't just fun for the kids, my hubby and I have a fun time thinking up cute tricks to play.  And in the morning we love seeing the boys faces when they find the tricks.
So far our Goblin has hung photos upside down

 dyed our milk green, put lipstick on my hubby

 taped our light switches, hide everyone's shoes

 hung up our Christmas lights (In October!?!?!), moved our hermit crab 

and he even hid our car keys!  Okay this trick was by accident, my hubby lost them.  The kids are convinced it was our Sugar Goblin and he wanted them to go into school late!! lol 

The Sugar Goblin is fun!  The plush is cute and fun to move around, the story is sweet and the tricks are always cleaver and make my boys laugh.

I hope you will join me and my family and invite The Sugar Goblin into your home this Halloween!
  It is sure to become a beloved Halloween Tradition and a easy hassle free way for us parents to limit the sugar!