The Twinkies Cookbook: A New Sweet and Savory Recipe Collection for America's Most Iconic Snack Cake

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My brother is about 6' 4" and weighs a total of 160!  He reminds me of a string bean!!  Looking at him it would be hard to believe that Twinkies are one of his favorite snacks.   I wish I could eat like him and never gain weight!

This year for Christmas I am super excited to be able to give him a cookbook!  And not just any cookbook a TWINKIES cookbook!

In celebrations on the 85th anniversary of Twinkies, Hostess has updated and expanded their beloved and quirky classic The 
Twinkies Cookbook.  This new edition includes the very best recipes form the original, combined with 25 all new fun, unique recipes!!
Everything from pineapple upside down cake, sushi and even chocolate bacon wrapped Twinkies!  

This is a great gift for Twinkies lovers everywhere!  I plan to give my brother the cookbook and of course a few boxes of Twinkies this Christmas :)!
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