Monday, October 5, 2015

Tis the Season Crosswords

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Tis the Season Crosswords

Every year I get my mom either a crossword book, Sudoku or a word search book.  She loves doing them and one book will last her months!  My dad works later hours he goes in at 1 in the afternoon and works until 2 am!  So my mom has a lot of down time.  These puzzles are normally the first thing she grabs to pass time.

This year I am super excited to give her my annual gift!  Not only do I have a super fun fan favorite crossword puzzle book for her, but it is also hardcovered!  This is the first time ever I seen a hardcover crossword book.
The New York Times 'Tis the Season Crosswords: 
165 Easy to Hard Puzzles
 (New York Times Crossword Collections)
I love that the book has easy, mild and hard puzzles.  The book is small enough that she can put it into her purse for when she has a doctor appointment or something where she has to wait around.
The front cover is holiday festive with its cute snow flakes.  So it makes it the perfect holiday gift.
If you are having a hard time with answers they can all be found in the back.  
I have looked at a few of them and they look really fun!  The clues are cleaver and get you thinking.

I am horrible at crosswords, but I have a feeling she is going to love the hard ones.  I have seen her take over a week to complete one puzzle.  So she is going to love these more difficult ones.
Barnes and Noble Tis the Season Crosswords
Amazon Tis the Season Crosswords

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