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I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I have a feeling when my kids turn 16 my world is going to get turned upside down.  Why you may be wondering.
At the ages 4 and 7 the already know more than me about cars.  They are obsessed whenever my dad has to work on a car they all by cheer to help him.
A few weeks go my car was making some weird noise and Quinn (Who is 4) told me I better check my fluids!
Come on what 4 year old would know to say that lol

They may be to young right now to drive a real car, but that doesn't stop them for owning every toy care imaginable.  We have ones that turn colors, do flips, one you can drive in, ones that can be steered from 20 feet away.  We have monster trucks, sports cars and even a dump truck or two.  My boys and their cars!!

Toy State recently offered to send me something from their site.  They didn't tell me what, the thing is it didn't matter. Their site is all about cars and trucks.
Whatever they sent my kids were going to love it.
I was sent the all new Nikko VaporizR 2

This is a fully functional vehcile that can be drove on land, water and snow!
It has true 4X4 power to help it get over even the roughest of terrain..
The max speed is 8.3 miles per hour.  And this is all controlled from our little ones hands!
It can be controlled up to 65 feet away!

Now they are boys that love cars so of course it was an added bonus that the Nikko VaporizR 2 had some awesome designs on the side and big tires.
It was easy to control and my boys had a blast driving this back and forth!  We live in the country so our back yard is a bit bumpy.  They had no issues getting over the bumps and even out of a few puddles!
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