Wolfgang Candy

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Wolfgang Candy

I live in PA, we may not have much in my little state, but we do have some of the best candy around!

Going to a candy store is tough around here since we have such a huge selection of treats.  When my hubby and I first started to go out he got me a huge box of chocolate treats for V-Day.  At the time I didn't recognize the name of the company... Who is this Wolfgang?
All I have to say is it happened to be the best gift ever.  Because it was how I discovered on of my top 3 candy companies.
Everything was super smooth and rich in flavor.  The chocolate melted in my mouth and I couldn't quit eating it.
My hubby (At the time boyfriend) came over the next day and asked for a piece.... I ATE IT ALL.  
There was none left for him lol
That was okay though, because over the next 10 years (That is how long we been together) we have gotten so much more Wolfgang Candy.  
It only makes sense to include them in my holiday gift guide.  Since every year they seem to make it under my tree :). 
And don't tell my hubby, but we don't actually have a monster in our closet....  That is me sneaking a few pieces out before Christmas!

This year I was able to review their cookie and pretzel assorted box. I have tried both in the past, even though I ate the entire box (I shared with the boys this time) I could have written this review before eating them.  

Large Wolfgang Collection Pretzel & Cookie Assortment 3 lbs Box 

Wolfgang’s combination of two favorites, signature small-batch  pretzels and European inspired premium chocolate topped truffle cookies.  Enjoy Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Mini Pretzels, White Fudge Mini Pretzels, Creamy Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate Cookies, Cherry Vanilla Dark Chocolate Cookies, and indulgent White Fudge Candy Cane Cookies. 

Crafted at Wolfgang’s historic York, Pennsylvania location; the pretzels and cookies give chocolate lovers a variety treats throughout the holiday season.

Okay that information was copied and pasted right from the site.  Let me tell you in my own words how good these are!  The pretzels are complete covered with yummy chocolate.  And let me tell you this is some of the sweetest, richest chocolate you will ever taste.  I love how smooth it is and the white fudge is to die for.

And after you taste their chocolate topped cookies you will never want to go back to the old way! As I said the chocolate is the best, but their caramel is also delectable!  Also as a huge fan of peppermint bark I can't get enough of their white fudge candy-cane cookies!
I don't even like dark chocolate and I couldn't quit eating their cherry vanilla dark chocolate covered cookies.

Their cookies and pretzels are only two of the many thing offered from Wolfgang Candy.  They have been around since 1920 so trust me when I say they have this candy thing down to perfection.
To learn more or see all the great things they have to offer please see my link below:
Wolfgang Candy
Also if you have an order over $50 you can get free shipping :)