3D Magic Maker by Tech 4 Kid

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Do you ever make something and wish you could see it come to life?  My boys have some pretty big imaginations and often times I would hear one of them say I am going to draw "this or that" so we can fly it to the moon, or so we can use it to go sailing.  Now I don't have the power to make them life size objects, but thanks do the new 3D Magic Maker by Tech 4 Kids I do have the power to make their art come to 3D form.  
So now not only can they look at it, they can also play with it too :)

3D Magic Maker by Tech 4 

Kids With 3D Maker, kids can turn gel designs into 3D creations! Trace your designs on a template and insert it into the Maker. The gel becomes solid after enclosed exposure to LED light. Kids can connect finished pieces together to build multi-dimensional structures. The 3D Maker is unlike any other maker system, using light instead of heat for kid-safe play. The gel is available in multiple colors and the 3D Maker comes with an assortment of boy/girl templates including; Princess, Under The Sea, Construction and more.

An imagination is a wonderful thing.  With it anything is possible, I love being able to in some small way help my kiddo's flourish.  I love seeing the look on their face when they make something new.  
The 3D Magic Maker according to my 8 year old is so cool!  He loves mixing colors together to make something brand new and the fact he can reuse to mold to make the same thing with different colors is pretty amazing to him.
I have a feeling I will be buying refills soon since my kids play with it almost every single day!