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“This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.”

As a mom I have had my fair share of freak outs. I am not lying when I tell you I took my newborn son to the ER 8 years ago because I thought his hiccups were lasting to long!
And yes I am hanging my head in shame right now, I know I wasted the doctors time that night.
I rushed my youngest to the doctor for a minor cut and I so stood over them when they were babies to make sure they were still breathing.
8 Year ago I didn't know I had hyper awareness anxiety and that my panicky reaction weren't normal (It is under control now)

Now that I don't freak out anymore I am able to make better choices about when to take my little guys to the doctor.
I hate going to the doctor office there is so many germs there and I don't like to expose my kiddos unless it is 100% necessary.
It is hard to keep two kids calm in waiting room, especially when one of them is sick.
Plus it is stressful on them. I don't know about you, but when I am sick my favorite place to be is home!! Not at a doctors office, I can so empathize with my little guys on this one.

We found a solution though and that is Amwell! It is a computer based doctor that can help you with everyday ailments!
And it is so easy to use.
First you fill out a few forms so the doctor can see what your issues are. You can add your vitals as well.
I was checking something for Brandon Jr so I entered all his information

This took me all of 5 minutes and that is only because I had to walk to my purse to get my insurance information.
They can send prescriptions in for you as well!
From there I went into an online waiting room area. 
Now look at the bottom of my screen it says 12:48 when I got into the room.
Ignore all my bookmarks, I know I have too many of them!

My doctor only took 2 minutes to get to me!!
That to me is really impressive.

This is the shortest amount of time I have ever waited to see a doctor. I had the choice to have a text sent to my phone when he was ready, but like I said he came so fast I didn't need too.

From there I was able to type to him, video chat with him and actually see him.
You can see that in the photo above, I blanked out my photo and what I typed.
He was really professional and got right to the point. I was able to tell him all my concerns and ask a few questions. Within moments he had a solution for me and I felt a lot better about my little guy.
Our issues weren't anything major. Brandon has had a lingering cough and has been throwing up at night.
My doctor informed me it was due to mucus build up when he was laying down. He told me to run a humidifier at night. Suggested a nonprescription medicine I could give him to help. He was super nice, very professional and after talking to him I felt much better!
All this was done with in a half hour!
Quickest doctor appointment ever!!!
No long waiting line
No unnecessary germ exposure
and Peace of mind for me!

My little guy even smiled and said he wanted to go to the computer doctor for now on!!

You can chat on your computer, phone or device. Which ever way you feel most comfortable. They are open 24 hours and they cover a wide range of medical issues for both adults and kiddos

And this is so random, but when my hyper awareness anxiety got out of control I started to get really bad sleep insomnia. I would only sleep for 1 or 2 hours a day. My hubby found me one morning bawling my eyes out in the living room because I thought I was dying :(. I was so scared and kind of confused.
I wish I would have known then about Amwell and their 24 hour service. When you are scared and sick it is nice to have a doctor to talk to anytime of the day.

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