BloomsyBox review

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.

BloomsyBox review

Bad days, we all have them, some of us more than others.  A bad day is well bad :).  Whenever I am having one I swear that song plays over and over again in my head, the one from Winnie the Pooh that goes "I'm just a little black rain-cloud."  Not the honey part, but the feeling of having a little Black Rain-cloud hoovering over me!

The worst part is a bad day can effect everything!  From what I eat, how I treat my hubby and even the state of my house.  That feeling of doom just gets worse and worse.  And some times I swear my hubby feeds off my mood, because if I am having a bad day he is grumpy too.  The kids get cranky and the entire house is filled with moody people.  
Cue the dark music (lol)

As a mom though I need to change this so I started to do little things to pick myself up when I am down.  Something as simple as a short work can clear my head.
Other times I tap into my secret candy stash.  Read a feel good book and more recently I've been watching feel good movies.  Anything to elevate my mood.
Which is where BloomsyBox comes in.  Because I don't care who you are a boutique of flowers will put a smile on anyone's face.
So let me tell you about me and my recent bad week and how BloomsyBox helped.
I have hyper awareness anxiety.  I don't know how to put it into words what that means, but just imagine being on edge all the time.  Feeling like something is always about to go wrong and noticing things other people don't.  Imagine that you over analyzing everything!  Right now to a facial expression a person made when talking to you.  Pretend that for a minute you worry about thing that aren't even happening for another 3-4 years.  Worse yet it follows you into your dreams.  It is a constant weight of feeling like you are about to fail.
That is Hyper awareness anxiety.  I feel everything to the extreme.  
So my bad days are more than plenty.  Worse yet is when I know I have something big coming up.  And this time of the year is toughest.  
Why you may ask? 
Well I have to plan 2 b-day parties for my kiddos, I also have to get Christmas planned, my wedding anniversary was October 4th, my dads b-day is November 13th, my hubby's b-day is Dec 4th, not to mention all the traveling we do for the holidays.  And my dad's family is so judgmental!  Of course there is that always hoovering MONEY issue.
Throw in my kiddos getting sick every other week and add just a dash of naughty pup.
It all equals one grumpy mama and or course bad days galore.

I needed a pick me up so when BloomsyBox contacted me to review their flowers I said YES PLEASE!
They recently launched this subscription-based service in which they send monthly flowers fresh from the farms to homes and businesses’.
Once a month fresh flowers that arrive to my door?  That is awesome.  Something to look forward to each month.
They allow customers to sign up for fresh and unique flowers with convenient delivery (monthly) at really affordable prices. A basic subscription costs $34.99 per bouquet for a monthly delivery. And if you wont be home for that monthly delivery that is okay since Customers can suspend service when they’re out of town. 

All you need to provide is some water and a pretty vase.  They send one cut variety so your blooms will all be the same.
I love that they came in a super sturdy box to keep my flowers safe.  

So instead of telling you about how pretty my flowers were let me just show you:

And yes the day they arrived I just finished shopping for my little man's b-day party.  So I was quite flustered and out of sorts.  When I seen the box on my porch I smiled, they really were a great pick me up when I was feeling out of sorts.

To learn more or subscribe yourself see my link below: