Bring the Coffeehouse taste Home with the Ninja Coffee Bar

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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My hubby and I are cheap.  We don't go out much and if we can make it at home we do.  This isn't a bad thing, we just like to save our money for family stuff.  Every once in awhile though we treat ourselves to a coffeehouse coffee.  Don't get me wrong we love the stuff we brew at home.  It is just nice to have a fancy cup.
As I said though we are cheap.  So when we found out that Ninja had an all new Coffee Bar we were both pretty excited!  Now we could make Coffeehouse quality products right in our own kitchen.  Plus instead of a once in awhile treat we could have them every single day!!  And lets not forget I can sip my yummy coffee in my PJS :).

       Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence Technology delivers customizable options for smooth, rich coffee in a cup, travel mug or carafe.
     Makes refreshing iced coffee by allowing users to dial up the richness of their coffee to offset the dilution caused by melting ice.
       Offers a variety of brewing options including Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice Brew and Specialty Brew.

So here is what I love.  First off the size!  I thought for sure this was going to a counter top monster.
I was wrong, I can easily fit it into my corner space and it hardly takes up any room at all.
It comes almost ready to use.  Besides taking it from the box and cleaning it there was very little I had to do.  This was great for me as I said the hubby and I just couldn't wait to start making Coffeehouse coffee at home.

The "making" of the coffee is super easy too thanks to the easy laid out and labeled functions.  I love that I could adjust how much coffee I wanted and how dark of a brew I wanted.
Thanks to so many choices I can choose to make iced coffee, cappuccino, lattes and so much more.
Plus there is a water reservoir tank.  We normally fill it in the morning and are good to go all day!

Also there is a button that lets you know when it needs to be cleaned.  My hubby so needs a button like this!  The man refuses to acknowledge when something need to be wiped down.  Now he can't ignore it!!  
And since we are talking about perks lets not forget the cups that come along with this machine!  They are great for travel and they keep your coffee hot or cold (Iced) longer!

Finally the taste!  Since you use ground coffee my hubby and I were able to use are favorites.  For the first time though we were able to make it differently.  We could choose to fine brew it for iced coffee, or even rich brew it to give it an all new flavor.
It was like re-tasting our favorite coffee again for the first time!

I am so impressed with the all new Ninja Coffee Bar.  I've been using it for weeks and so far I have no complaints.  Hmmm well maybe one my hubby has been a bit hyper lately for all the coffee he has been consuming.  I am soon switching him over to decaf lol

To learn more and see all the amazing features check out my link below: