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On December 23, 2014 I lost my best friend.  I had to put my sweet Lucy to sleep and it felt like someone tore my heart from my chest.
I spent weeks unable to function as a person.  I spent months grieving something I could never get back.  She was my life companion.  She was the first and last living creature I saw everyday of my life.  I am a night owl you have no clue how many times I would sneak out to the living room and curl up on the couch with her.  There is countless moments of me reach over my bed to touch her head when I was scared.
Her sweet little face was always the first one to greet me when I came through my door.
When I would call her name she would never complain about having to get up or about being to tired from work.  She would come to my side day or night with all the love and devotion in the world in her eyes.  She went with me to the bus stop everyday to get Brandon off the bus.  It was her neck I hugged when I was sad, her little ears that listened to all my troubles.
She was my first baby.  She was the first living creature to ever awaken that motherly instinct in me.
And yet when she needed me most I was helpless to do anything for her.  Sickness slowly took my Louie girl from me and all I could do was hold onto her as she went.

After she passed I felt as though it would never get better.  It isn't better there is still days when my heart fills with pain and my eyes with tears and I weep for the friend I lost.  I try to memorialize her in all ways possible.
Last summer my hubby and kids went to a ballgame and her and I had a picnic outside.  Just the two of us.  I brought our favorite snacks and a few toys.  We laid out on a blanket and me being a dork took a few selfies of us.
Little did I know those would be some of the last happy photos of her and I together.
That day is one of my favorite and those photos happen to be some of my most cherished possessions. 
A few weeks ago I found out I would be able to put one of them on a Canvas thanks to Canvas n' Decor

They quality is amazing!  Their pricing is affordable and they go above and beyond to make your special memorable moments even better.
You can change your sizing, mounting, layout, wrap style and even canvas thickness.  Everything to make it perfect for you! 
I may never get my Lucy back, but at least now every-time I walk down my hall I smile remembering that summer day we spent together.