I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
Welcome to the 2015 Simply Me Holiday Gift guide!  The holidays should be fun.  At times finding the perfect gift, great deals, decorating and recipes can be overwhelming.  The Simply Me Blog wants to put the fun back into the Holidays so over the next several weeks I will be posting great gifts for everyone, decorating tips, recipes and everything in-between!
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From day one of my little guys lives I have been following them around with a camera.  I have caught every milestone, cute moment and even a few moments I put away for the teenage years.  Yes I so have those "aww look at his cute little bum bum" baby photos :)
Future girlfriends you are in for a treat!
I caught them all and my house is full of my favorite photos, I am always looking for a new way to display them.
To be honest I thought I found every way possible to display my photos.  And then I found
I had the chance to review two items with them, but that is only 2 of many products offered at their site.
The best part about their site is you are free to make your project how ever you want.
Want to add one photo?  Great, what to add 30 photos?  Have at it!  The choice is yours.
I made a fleece photo blanket and a gallery wrap canvas.
They make it easy to add photos from any device, computer, phone, kindle ect
Plus they even have a few photos on their site you are free to use.
Their site offers free pattern builders and monograms.
Meaning you can add both words and patterns to your projrects without any additional charge.

Okay so lets talk more about the Fleece Photo Blanket 

You can print your photos on a fleece or a plush fleece.  Anyone whom has ever own a fleece blanket will tell you how soft they are.  Plus the are super durable and machine washable.  They come in several sizes so you can choose which ever works best for you.
The photos are super easy to upload and you can pick how many to add.  After you add them you can move them around to make sure the layout fits what you were looking for.
I wanted out beach photo right in the center so I moved it there!
I love how super sharp my photos are!  I thought for sure they would be dull and faded since they were printed onto material.  This was not the case, my photos look sharp, beautiful, bold and just as good as they day they were taken.  And every single detail was printed perfectly.  For someone who was making a memory blanket this was perfect for me.  I wanted to see every little detail so I could remember that particular moment like it happened yesterday.

Not only are these perfect keepsakes, but imagine someones face if you gave this to them as a gift!  To have some of their favorite memories printed onto a fleece blanket.
You can quite literally snuggle up with a past cherished moment :)

Now I wont lie my fleece blanket is one of those products that I reviewed and it took my breath away.  I have a few of them in my home that I am always showing off and this just happened to jump to the very front of the list.
The quality goes above and beyond and I really am proud to show it off to everyone.

This was just the start of my relationship with next I ordered a gallery wrap canvas.  I choose just to do one photo on here.

This is why:
A few weeks ago my boys were goofing off in my room.  Like every other day I just finished making my bed and in minutes they had it a mess.  We do this little thing where I yell back and say "boys what are you doing?"  As I walk back the hall they real quick lay on the bed and look all innocent.  
Like they have no clue what could have made such a mess on my bed.
Some times Quinn blames Sam and Dean!  I think my hubby talk about Supernatural a bit to much in front of him lol
So a few weeks ago I wanted to take a photo of their "innocent"  look.  Years from now I want to remember their sweet little faces and these many moments we shared together.  I went into the room and before they had time to blink took a photo.
And it was perfect!
You have no clue how many times over the years they have made this same face when they were pretending to be innocent of something.  And just look at it!  As their mom how am I suppose to be mad at these two cuties.
That is why I only choose to put one photo on the canvas.  

Because to me this will one day be one of my favorite memories.
When I think back to all the times we spent together I have a feeling the face they are making in this photo is going to be what pops into mind most.
I wanted to make it a keepsake! 
Thanks to I was able to do that.
Fine‑grained, museum‑quality canvas that is printed with a premium texture and also features a scratch‑resistant coating.

The canvas is tightly wrapped around thick internal frame and it ships ready‑to‑hang.
Again the quality of the finished product was amazing.  I hung this photo right over my computer. goes above and beyond with the quality of their products.  They take special photos and memories and make them into a keepsake you can be proud to show off to anyone.