Don't miss a moment with the all new Polaroid Cube HD Action camera

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Who ever said bigger is better obviously never owned a Polaroid Cube!  This little camera can do it all and it does it perfectly.

I can't get over the quality of my photos.
Never heard of the Polaroid Cube!!
Okay I can't fib before my review I didn't either, so let me tell you all about it.

The Polaroid CUBE+ HD Lifestyle Action Video Camera makes capturing life special moments easier then ever before.
Not only that, but it also makes it super easy to share as well!  With everything you need like built right in.
You have Wi-Fi, apps for editing, printing and live streaming, full HD recording, image stabilization, and photography. 

 Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and app turn your mobile device into a viewfinder and shutter remote from up to 30 feet away. Features include time delay, photo burst, time lapse and slow motion camera settings; resolution and framerate selection; viewing, editing, saving, printing and sharing photos on social networks; and more.
This is just a few things the little device can do!!

You can attach it to almost anything thanks to the magnetic bottom.  My boys have a blast putting it on their scooters and making action videos.  
The visual quality is amazing and I still can't get over the fact it can last up to 107 with each charge.
The included UBS cord makes it easy to charge and also transfer data.

The tiny size makes it perfect to take with you anywhere!

And finally it is easy to use!  I am still pretty new to it so please ignore me if I get something wrong!
There is one button that does it all!
1 push will take a photo
a double push will start to record
another push will end the recording and holding it in will turn it off!
It is really that easy!!  
It comes in blue, pink and black.  And the side rainbow adds some real character to this little Cube
Here a few other features
1080p/720p Full HD video
6PM still pictures
124 wide angle lens
up-to 1 1/2 hours battery life
weather proof
MicroSD slot up to 32GB

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