Eden BodyWorks

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Some days I wake up and cross my fingers and just pray it is a good hair day.  At this point I would settle for an okay hair day!  I have thick, kinky/wavy, unruly hair!  You have no clue how many brush handles I snapped trying to brush though it, I should buy stock in those little hair bands because I break and buy them all the time too!  When I went into the ticket blaster at Chuck E Cheese I came out looking like some sort of ticket hair monster!!!  I think I heard several kids scream for their mom (JK)

A long time ago I discovered those $1 bottles of shampoo don't work for me.  If anything they encourage my hair to be wild.  I need quality and at this point in time it is so worth it for me to pay a little extra to get it.
Yes even after using it my hair is still thick and wavy, but it is easier to brush though.  Softer hair = Semi tame hair.
Plus it strengthens my hair, meaning I don't clog the bathtub drain from it falling out.

So I am always on the look out for top quality hair care products.  And I recently came across them at Eden BodyWorks.

Their entire shop is dedicated to make hair feel and look good.
I was sent products from their Peppermint Tea Tree line and their Coconut Shea line.  Yes ladies be jealous my hair smells AMAZING right now!!

I want to talk a bit about each line and tell you want they offer in it.
The all natural Coconut Shea collection was developed to infuse and add moisture! You may not know this but Coconut Oil has so many health benefits! And one of them just happens to be it helps to strengthen hair. You combined that with Shea butter and not only do you have strong hair you also have manageable, nourished, super soft hair that is sure to turn heads!
And don't get me started on the scent!  Coconut smells incredible on its on.  Add to that the buttery sweet smell of shae and you have a killer combination.
This Line offers

Hair Mask
Curl Defining Creme
Cleansing Co wash  
pudding souffle 
leave in conditioner
control edge glaze
hair oil
styling elixir 
hair balm

I said they offer everything you need to get your hair healthy and looking good!!

Next up I was sent a few products from the Peppermint Tea Tree collection 
This line helps to clean out hair build up! It is important to not only take care of your hair you also need to treat you scalp and roots too. Over time dirt and oil can buildup and it is important to clean this out so your hair can grow. Plus this product gives a great clean tingling feeling :)

This line offers

Hair Milk
Hair Oil
Temple Balm

I love the crisp smell of this product and the fact I can feel it working its magic on my hair.  Lately I have been having some itchy scalp issues.  I had no clue what it was, now I know it was build up!  After using this product twice that itch feeling is gone!  My hair feels lighter and my scalp feelings amazing!
Who would have guessed?!?!

I am pretty impressed with the products I was sent to try out.  And this is only a small selection of all the things they offer!  They even have a kids line!
To learn more and see everything they have please check out my link below: