Elf Workshoppe

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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"Brandon do you think maybe I can decorate early for Christmas this year?"
"Yeah hun I don't care!  Why would I care?"
"OKAY :)!!"  hmmm digging through my closet, drop something, knock something over, singing Christmas tunes.

"Savannah what the heck are you doing back there?!"
"Getting out the Christmas stuff to decorate"
Foot stomping, tempering and a few bad words I shoved everything back into the closet and went out into the living-room with Scrooge.

A few of you may think I am joking, but I am not!  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and the fact I have to wait 3 more weeks (Yes I am so counting) to decorate is killing me!  I want to get out my snow globes, my rocking Santas, my glowing stars and my pretty lights.
I want to have Rudolf and his reindeer friends decorating my mantle.  I am so ready for my cookie scented candles and my Frosty cookie jar.
I am ready for that special time of the year.

Needless to say I am big on decorating for Christmas and thanks to the awesome people at Elf Workshoppe I have one more cute decoration to add to my huge collection.
Not only that, but my hubby agreed to let me keep it out!  He agreed it would to much of pain to get everything out just to put it away.  (Plus I think he was afraid if I got out the bins they wouldn't go back in :)

Wondering what the Elf Workshoppe is?
Elf WorkShoppe, is a manufacturer and marketer of Christmas Elf accessories!

They just recently launched a unique, collectible, limited-supply Elf line!  That not only offers a touchable Elf, but also an entire collection of Elf accessories
They are all available online at

Some of the accessories are the Elf's “Comfy Home” items, such as his or her own teddy bear and gifts, rocking chair, bath tub, bed, and other charming accessories to make an Elf feel right at home; as well as “Transportation Center” notions so a child’s Elf can travel to the North Pole in his own car, Elf express train, sleigh or sled.

Not only is the Elf super charming, but his accessories are beautifully designed with bright colors that are eye catching.

We were able to review his train, but there are so many other items to personalize your little Elf and to make him feel at home.
I read online that the train is hand painted and I so believe this, you can tell by just looking at it a lot of time and detail went into making this train look perfect!

My boys want us to get more Elves so we can have an entire Elf family!

I hope you will join me this Holiday season and welcome an Elf into your home.  They are the perfect addition to any holiday collection and kiddos everywhere are sure to fall in love with these sweet little guys!