Getting my house grandmother mother ready with Dust Off

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"Brandon we are at T-minus 2 hours!  I repeat T-minus 2 hours!!!"
This is what it sounds like in my house before my nanny comes for a visit.  I love her to death, but that woman can zero in on a speck of dust like you wouldn't believe!
I swear one of these days I am going to give her a pat down and check for the FBI evidence kit she must keep in her purse.
"Savannah was that a smudge on the TV in your bedroom?"
"Nanny you just walked through the house, how the heck would you know that??"
"I know everything..."
Okay maybe she isn't that good, but some days it feels like it.
Whenever she is coming over I spend the entire day cleaning.  In order for it to bee 100% clean I need to also wipe down my computer screens and TV screens.
Lets be honest most of the time guest are staring at the TV anyway so of course that is going to be the first place they see smudges and dirt.

Thanks to Dust Off I can have my surfaces looking better than ever before!

These printed microfiber cloths are fashionable, and extremely effective in cleaning sensitive surfaces of dirt, grime, fingerprints, facial oils and makeup. Only 5x6, they're perfect for keeping in a purse or your child’s backpack for easy on-the-go cleaning for all of their electronics inside and outside of class.
I use these in the car for our portable DVD player and my cell phone.  I love my hubby, but every time he uses my fun he lets grim behind.  To much facial oil.  Now I have something I can wipe that off with when we are on the go!!

Help your kids keep all of their electronics clean and readable among dirty hands and traveling to and from school. Dust-Off’s “no-run” formula spray and microfiber cloths make cleaning their computer and phone screens easy while on-the-go. The screen care line ensures that there are no fingerprints, dust or build-up on mobile device screens, laptops, or other electronics.
I use this for everything!!  I have a Jurassic world game addiction so my kindle has finger swipe marks all over it.  The Dust-Off Screen cleaning kit took them away with no hassle at all!!  Leaving my screen looking great :).
This is just one of the many uses.
My nanny is going to have a hard time finding smudge and dirt this holiday season thanks to Dust-Off!