GoPro Hero4 Session

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.  The photos from this post are credited to the GoPro website
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A few weeks ago my computer crashed!  I lost almost everything my hubby rushed it over to staples and they pulled my hard drive.  I was able to recover most of my photos and files.  Some of my programs were gone, I can't locate my itunes library and my laptop doesn't support my videos :(
All the Christmas shows I recorded, school concerts, all the years of seeing Santa, videos of Lucy, videos from the day both my boys were born and so many more were lost!
We are getting a new computer with my hubby's holiday bonus and I hope more that anything that it can support my old videos and I can get them off my hard drive and onto the computer.  At which point I plan to back them up 10 times in 10 different locations so I NEVER lose them again.  Fingers crossed <3 
Until then though I need to start over.  I can never get back those precious  moments, but thanks to GoPro Hero4 Session I can start recording new ones.  I can start making new memories. 

So one reason I didn't have many videos before was my recorder was heavy, big and a pain in the butt to take with me
The GoPro Hero4 Session is really small and can easily fit into a purse or even a coat pocket!  It is the camera that can go anywhere :)
You know when your kiddos are doing something cute and then they see the camera and freeze and refuse to do it?
Well thanks to the GoPro that is no longer an issues I can hide it in the palm of my hand and they never even realize I am recording their cuteness!! 
I so got a video of my boys singing LET IT GO at the top of their lungs lol

So the size is what first impressed me, but what has me awed is the quality of the video, photos and sound!
It has 1080p60 video and 8MP photos and all of this is control by the touch of a button.  
It automatically adjusts to your lighting to give you a great photo each time.  

 You can take several photos in 10 sec. intervals.  
SO on top of being small, offering great visual/audio it is also super easy to use!  I don't know how much you can mess up with one button!!

And you can mount the GoPro onto stuff, such as bikes, scooters, if you really wanted you could most likely attach it to your dogs collar (I am quite curious to see the world threw Rufus's eyes.
Hmmm after I write this post I may put this theory to the test LOL
The mount is pretty cool though and you can even change the angle so you can get whatever shot you are going for.

I read online it is suppose to be very durable.  I didn't test this out yet, so far I just used it to record my boys.  SO I had no need to test its durability.  From the feel and look though I can say it sure seems durable! 

The battery is built right in and you can use the UBS cord to charge it when it is out of battery juice.
Oh and this one is pretty important to me.  Some of my hold videos we have to cock our heads to the side to watch, because I am a ninny and recorded them sideways!
The GoPro knows to flip the video so it is always right side up no matter the position of the lens

I can't say enough great things about my GoPro Hero4 Session for the first time ever I am making professional quality photos and videos!
And right now the Hero4 Session priced dropped!  To learn more and check this great device out for yourself see my link below: