Hahn's Old Fashion crumb cakes and the bucket of crumbs

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Most couples fight over money.  Some fight over how to parent and a few even fight over bedroom issues....  My hubby and I fight over cookies!  We both have quite the sweet tooth and over the years it has become a bit of a battle!
I have a secret hiding place for my goodies I don't want to share and like a hound dog he always seems to sniff them out and eat them all!  He doesn't even leave a few crumbs for me!  This of course means I need to get revenge that normally results in me getting his favorite dessert and sitting on the couch to make him watch me eat it.
And around and around we go!  We don't really fight more or less we tease each other.  We both really do have sweet tooths though and we are always trying new products.
Over the years we discovered quite a few that we love and Hahn's Old Fashion Crumb Cakes just made the list!
Not just their cakes, but also their bucket of crumbs.
Both were packed with flavor and the ultimate treat for any sweet tooth.
Let me tell you a bit more about each product
The Variety Pack

A Sampling of Four Slices Each of each of their Crumb cakes. Chocolate, original and Raspberry Cakes. 
Over 3 1/2 pounds of our Delicious Crumb Cakes made from their Old Family Recipe.
Each flavor was rich and so yummy!  They are sweet without being over the top.  

Next up we were sent a bucket of crumbs.  

These are a bit harder then the cakes, but that was okay.  The flavor was amazing and we just couldn't stop eating them!  When we were eating the crumb cakes my hubby and I kept picking the crumb part off the top.  that is what this bucket is!  The best part of the cake all by itself!!

Everything we tried was super tasty and full of flavor!  I have a feeling they just made life time customers our of my hubby and I :)

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