Hatch n Heroes

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"Master Quinn this is Brandon at mission control.  Do I have permission to launch?"
"Mission control this is master Quinn, yes you are all cleared to Launch!"
5, 4, 3, 2 1!!!!
Yes this was so my boys playing with their all new Hatch n Heroes.

  Before my review I never heard of them before, but I am so excited to have found them
In a nut shell this is what they are.
Toys that start off in the shape of eggs and through unfolding, twisting and a tiny bit of pulling they turn into a fun toy!
Yes I am sure you know my boys thought this was magic and couldn't wait to start unfolding....  Well according to them to unlaunch their little heroes.
The best part is they are all Disney and Pixar characters!  I bet my boys could name every Disney character ever...  Well most of them :)

These little eggs are so much fun.  They are fun to unfold and fun to play with afterwards!
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