Holland House Cooking Wine

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I am so ready for some family time this holiday season!  My sister and I find an excuses to spend as much time together as possible!
Holiday movie marathon, cooking baking night, holiday craft night, gift wrapping night, holiday decorating night and so many more.
Anything to get the whole family together.  Now what kind of host would I be if I didn't make my guest something to eat.  I was told by my brother though my menu is getting old!!
Yes insert enrage sister and a whole lot of stink eye lol
I couldn't believe it, but then I thought about it and it has been awhile since I tried a new recipe.
So I got a little brave and decided to use a cooking wine.  For those of you foodies out there thinking what the heck do you mean brave??
I never used a cooking wine before!  I had no clue how to even use it at first until I watched a youtube video.
So into the kitchen I went with my new cooking wine and my "youtube" knowledge.
Now I wont say I am a pro, but thanks to the Cooking Wines from Holland House my food tasted pretty amazing!
I didn't need much talent because their flavors took my meal to whole new levels!
I was able to review
White with lemon flavor

They even tell you on the bottle what to use them with.  The red is great with sauces and meats.
White is great for veggies, seafood and chicken.
Sherry is yummy with desserts, soup and stir frys. 
And marsala is amazing with soups, chicken and gravy!

I used the marsala to make a tasty chicken.  I cooked my chicken and some mushrooms in a pan with the marsala wine.
My entire kitchen smelled wonderful.  After I was done cooking I couldn't help myself and dug right in.
The flavor burst into my mouth and this was by far the best chicken I have ever made!

Now I am no chef and my talent is very limited.  SO I wanted to share a video with you from Cook with April.  Unlike me this women is a pro in the kitchen and not only does her food look good it taste good too :)