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I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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We live in the country we have acres and acres of land for my boys to explore.  Every day is a new adventure for them. I consider myself a kid at heart and can often time be found going on nature hikes with my kiddos, playing tag, looking for salamanders and catching fire flies.
I figure I only have a few more years to be considered "cool" I dread those teenage years when I start to be lame :(.  I want to suck up as much mommy time as I can right now.

As I said I do live in the country, my little slice of country is extra special though.  Most of my family lives on the same road as I do!  My 2 acres of land touches my dad's 10 acres.  Down the road is my grandmother, right next to her is my cousin Alyssa, next to her is my cousin Terry, across from my dad is my uncle Randy, then my great aunt Carol and my Great Uncle Butch.  A little further down the road is my mother and father in-laws home.  It still takes me a bit of time to walk to their house though so there is a lot of woods in-between us, but it has become one of my kiddos and I's favorite thing to do to go for a walk and visit everyone. 
I use the word walk loosly here since most of the time my boys are on bikes, big wheels or in a wagon.
And more recenctly our favorite means of travel have been their all new Kettler Toys USA Scooters!

Before I start my review I have to give a huge shout out to their customer service.  Instead of sending one Scooter they sent me two!  As a mom this meant the world to me, you have no clue how hard it would have been to tell one of my boys that they don't get one.  So thank you Kettler USA for going above and beyond for my boys.  This meant the world to them.

Their great customer services is only the start.  That may have gotten me interested in them, but their high quality product is what will keep me coming back for more.

First assemble was super quick!  It came about 99% assembled I just had to line up the handle bar part and push down.  
When dealing with two kids quick assemble is a plus.
Okay so Scooters built it was time to test them out.

As you can see from the 3 wheel design it has great balance.  Quinn who is a bit klutzy was able to ride without tipping over.  Since it has such great stability it is great to practice steering.
Oh and if you look at the deck part (where they put their feet) you can see they have a non-slip safety grippers in place.  This prevents little feet from sliding around.
The back wheel has a break feature that is easy to use.  All you have to do is give it a little pressure.

The handles are cushioned.  I like this for 2 reasons, first off it is comfy for little hands.  They can squeeze without hurting their fingers.  The 2nd reason is in the summer the handles wont get to hot and in the fall they wont get to cold.
Oh and the handle bars are adjustable I was worried it would be to little for Brandon Jr, but all I had to do was raise it to its next setting and it was the perfect height for him.

The whole frame is made of aluminum metal.  So when I say sturdy I really mean it.  My kiddos are yet to wipe out, but at least if they do I know the scooter wont break on them.

We were able to review a Red and Blue Scooter they also come in pink and green.

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