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I was trying to think of how to write this post.  We all tend to get writers block sometimes and today just happens to be that day for me.
So here I sit trying to think how to put into words what K'NEX is to me.  How do I say they make anything possible?  That with K'NEX my boys imagination is free to run wild?  How do I put into words the joy my 8 year old has when he builds a Dinosaur, a car or even a roller coaster?
How do I say that K'NEX not only provides hours of fun, but also helps to promote hand eye coordination?  How do I say that through K'NEX my boys are able to make things they only before dreamed of building?

Then I realized, why put into words things that everyone already knows!  Everyone knows K'NEX are fun and that you can make almost anything with them.  Everyone knows they are durable and can be taking down to build over and over again.
Everyone knows K'NEX is a brand you can trust.
So instead of trying to overcome this horrible writers block I will just tell you about one of the all new products they are offering.  And let K'NEX years are being known as a great brand stand for itself :)

Build 6 different blaster and target models in one set, including the double chamber Mega Boom blaster! 
Fires up to 75 feet!
 Set includes 
K'NEX rods and connectors plus special parts to create customized blasters: 
2 blaster chambers
 3 skull dart holders
2 quick fit grips
 2 preload rings 
 7 foam darts. 
In addition to the main Mega Boom blaster, you can download instructions for 5 alternate blasters and build-able targets. Most models can be built one at a time. 
Compatible with the entire K-FORCE Build and Blast™ line. 
Ages 8+. 

Um yeah I so just said dart blasters meets K'NEX.  Brace yourself parents, because I don't know about your little boys, but for mine this is the greatest combination since Peanut-butter and Jelly!
First off it is easy to build.  My son is 8 and had no issues.  I did help him a bit, but only because he was in a rush and wanted to play with the dart blaster.  Otherwise he could have done it himself.  I love that even the target area was made of K'NEX!  

The fact it can blast up to 75 feet away is awesome!  I am horrible with numbers, but I don't even know if my house is 75 feet wide!!
The K'NEX hold together great once they are together, so my son was able to run about blasting his darts.  
He loved chasing my dog about.  And before anyone thinks awe that poor pup, Rufus LOVES it!  lol he is quite the silly pup.

As I said earlier you can always count on quality product with K'NEX and the all new Mega Boom Building Set stand up to those high standards.
To learn more please see my link below:
Mega Boom Building Set