Lillypet Colorful Horse Hair Leather Pet Puppy Dog Soft Collar

Disclaimer:  I was given coupons to purchase products in this post.  All opinions are still my own.

Lillypet Colorful Horse Hair Leather Pet Puppy Dog Soft Collar 

We have 4 weeks and 3 days until my new little puppy comes home!  I got to see him on Sunday and I am already in love.
I can't wait for him to come home and meet the rest of the family.
I have been gearing up for my new little guy.  I got him a bed, toys, treats and even got him some food already.  I have a training crate coming and his leash and collar just arrived!

The collar is so pretty.  The color is exactly like it looks in the photo.  A pretty red and a dark onyx black.  The inside of the collar is a padded leather which is great for comfort.  I don't have to worry about it rubbing my pups neck when he pulls on walks.  The outside (The part you see) looks and feels soft.  Again this was great for me when I walk him.  
I had my fair share of sore fingers from pulling pups.  The softness and padding should help!!

As I said my puppy is coming in mid December and I wanted to get something that would grow with my little guy.  It has 3 metal rings to switch up the size.  So you can adjust it to fit you pup or cat I think on its smallest setting it may fit a larger cat.
Before I got my puppy I wanted to make sure the collar was durable.  So I tested it out on my brother's chihuahua mix for a week.  The smallest setting fit him perfectly.

I also liked the easy clip on feature.  Instead of having to use an extra finger to put the leash on I just simply push down onto collar clamp and it slides into place.  Some days I am in a rush, so the easy clip on is a great feature.

The leash is long enough that I can comfortably walk a smaller dog.
Neck Collar 9.8"-12", Leash 47.2" x 0.7"
  Also the part where your hand goes is large.  My hubby hates when I get dainty leashes since his hand can't fit into it.
In this photo you can see how my hubby's larger hands fits easily into the space

Overall I am very happy with this purchase.  The collar is pretty, durable, soft and the perfect size!

There is 4 weeks and 3 days until my little guy gets here!  I can't wait to show him his new collar and all the other stuff I got for him :)