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I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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There are not to many people in this world I would give up a new pair of boots for.  To be honest there are 4 my two little boys, my hubby and my sister.  And my sister only made that list, because she is standing behind me reading this....
I do have a shoe addiction and at this point in time have to rotate my summer/spring and fall/winter shoes.  Otherwise they don't all fit.  I have what my hubby calls a shoe mountain.  It is about 20 boxes of shoes on top of each other.  He always loses it when I try to take one from the bottom and my mountain comes crumbling down.
I love shoes and I don't think you can ever have enough.  With this in mind dear readers I want you to know the amount of love when I agreed to get my hubby a pair of boots over myself.
And they happen to be Lugz one of my favorite brands.  

A few weeks ago you may have seen I reviewed the shifter Ballistics I fell in love with them and wear them every chance I get.  After my constant bragging, my hubby BEGGED, PLEADED and WHINED until I agreed to try and review a pair of Lugz for him.
You see he works 6 days a week.  His warehouse is cold and he is on his feet most of the day.  As much as I WANTED a pair of boots, he NEEDED them.  
So we went onto the site and I told him to pick his favorite pair.  Right away he picked the EMPIRE HI FLEECE WR 

The Empire Hi Fleece WR is a water resistant, fleece lined high-top boot that will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements wherever the day takes you.
Things I love:
* They are Water resistant my hubby goes to work rain, shine or snow.  Nothing is worse for him then getting out of his car and stepping into a huge puddle.  He has to spend 8+ hours at work with wet feet.  Not to mention they start to stink.  With the Lugz Empire boots he doesn't have to worry about this.  The water wont be able to penetrate the tough exterior.  Keeping his feet dry and warm.
**Thermabuck upper Padded tongue & collar.  As I said my hubby is on his feet all day.  The warehouse we works in is huge, he walks back and forth all day long.  That is a lot of wear and tear on his feet.  The padded tongue and collar prevent the boots from rubbing his leg all day.  
*** Since we are talking of comfort lets not forget the Flexa-stride Memory foam sockliner.  This offers a super comfy step whenever he walks. 
****Slip resistant rubber sole as I said my hubby goes to work in all the elements.  That means lots of wet floors where he works.  He needs a slip resistant bottom.  The last thing he would need is to fall as he is moving a 100 LB door!  Even though he got them for work my hubby can't wait to test them out in the snow.  He is quite the klutz, he is pretty excited that he wont be falling on his behind this year when shoveling our driveway :) 
***  Last but not least is the Fleece Lining.  This is going to keep his feet warm all winter.  They fleece goes all along the sides to keep his entire foot warm.

We reviewed in the wheat color, I wanted to mention they also offer other colors.
I've been wearing Lugz for such a long time I can say without a doubt the boots are durable and long lasting.
They really are water resistant and have kept my feet dry in even the worst of weather conditions.
This may be my hubby's first pair of Lugz.  He is already in love though and I think I may have converted him to a show lover.
Who knows maybe we will soon have matching shoe mountains lol!
To learn more and see all they have to offer please check out my link below:
Today one super lucky Simply Me reader has the chance to win the same boots I reviewed!  Perfect chance to get the man in your life an awesome gift.
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