Menaji David Dopp Kit

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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My hubby is a man in every sense of the word!  It has taken quite a bit of training, but I have broken some of his really bad habits.  Ones such as He doesn't believe in person hygiene, according to him turning a shirt inside out means it is clean again.
Chewing gum is just as good as brushing your teeth.
And touching his feet and then eating something before washing his hands.
Years of nagging have paid off and he has quit doing all this....  Hmmm or he quit doing it in front of me at least.
Now there are still a few things he refuses to do and shopping for his own stuff.
Since we first moved in together I have gotten him every shampoo, body wash, tooth paste, shaving gel... ECT
I don't mind mainly because I get to choose how he smells :). 
Recently I found a new men's body care line.  They have everything a man could need to stay looking good.

Perfect for travel, this four piece skincare set comes in a classic black, expandable dopp kit measuring 23cm x 18cm x 14cm, made with water and stain-resistant ballistic nylon with MENAJI branded pull tags.
911 Eye Gel – rejuvenates and restores tired eye skin area
Power Hydrator Aftershave – natural hydrating formula addresses fine lines and wrinkles
Deep Cleansing Masque – removes impurities so skin looks renewed and feels revived
ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula – delivers maximum comfort pre-shave, shave and post-shave; no water needed
And this kit is only one of the many things offered!  They have something for every man.  
Now as I mentioned making my hubby smell good is my favorite part of picking out his stuff.  The Deep Cleansing Masque smells amazing and according to my hubby left his skin feel great.
Everything smelled good and had a really fresh clean man smell.

And it works.  My hubby claims he feels really refreshed after using his Menaji David Dopp kit!  He claimed he could feel his face tingling after using the deep cleansing.  Also he said it felt like layers of dirt was removed!
To learn more and see all they have to offer check out my link below: