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I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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And so it begins, my dry skin that is.  I love being outdoors in this cool weather, the only down side is my chapped skin.
It starts on my cheeks the moves to my chin and forehead.
When I treat dry skin, I break out.  When I treat that break out I go back to dry skin
And the cycle goes on and on.

I am now addicted to facials, but the only occur once a month.  I want something great I can do at home in the in-between time.
Recently I stumbled across Michael Todd products.  After reading several reviews I just knew I had to try them.
When the representative from Michael Todd agreed to do a review with me she asked for my skin type.
I gave her as much information as possible so she could match me with the best product.
Here is what I said word for word
~*~ I think the term for my skin is "combination" some times it is dry other times it breaks out.  (More dry around this time of the year)
I have lots of freckles, so I do have pigmentation issues.  
Also around my eyes I have been noticing dark circles and some signs of aging. (fine lines)

Oh and no clue if this matters, but last time I got a facial she said my skin looked a bit dehydrated.  (I'm not sure if that means dry or something else)~*~
After reading about my skin type she recommended the Avocado Mango Hydration mask.

 What really makes this make stand out is all the rich ingredients!  It has Omega’s, strengthening vitamins such as A, D, E,  It also offers soothing natural ingredients like Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado Oil, Sunflower seed Oil, Algae, shae butter, mango butter, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and seaweed.

All of which helps to create moister and lock it in.  It helps to sooth skin, improve tone and strengthen skin.

AVOCADO AND MANGO MASK is an ideal formulation for dehydrated, distressed skin needing a boost of hydration.

I'm sure you know I tore the package open day one and started using it right away.
It was really easy to apply.  I simply put some into my hand and rubbed all over my face and neck.  At this point I had to let it sit for several minutes (10-15)

The first thing I noticed is this mask felt more buttery then ones I used in the past.  Not greasy, it just felt thicker.  This reassured me that it was working to build hydration.

It smoothed out really nicely and had a pleasant smell.  I wasn't stuck choking on a chemical smell for 15 minutes.
The mask didn't get stiff when it started to dry.  Which I love I hate when it starts to dry and face starts to feel tight.  I always want to itch it
So huge plus for going on smooth and staying smooth.

After 15 minutes I was able to wipe away.
At this time is recommended to use a toner and moisturizer.

The Avocado And Mango Mask is safe to use 2-3 times a week.  I love that a small squeeze goes a long way.

After 2 weeks of use my skin feels hydrated and a lot smoother.  Thankfully my skin wasn't overly dry to start with and I think this mask is helping to keep that under control.

The Avocado and Mango Mask has official made its way onto my Winter must have essential list!

And I can find it at my ULTA beauty!  
Works great, amazing price and is offered at one of my already favorite stores!
What more could I ask for :)