NapAnywhere – The Smart Travel Pillow

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I hate car rides!  I hate being stuck inside a vehicle for long amounts of time, I hate having limited space to move, I hate that I get car sick every-time, I hate when my hubby plays the radio, I hate the kids fighting in the back seat and most of all I hate how uncomfortable I am.

The best thing I can do for everyone in the car on a long trip is to take a nap.  The only thing is every time I try my head can never find a great place to rest.  I try the seat belt and it moves, it hurts to put it onto the window and just letting it hang doesn't work either.

Which is why I am super pumped about the all new NapAnywhere The Smart Travel Pillow.

Now I use the term pillow loosely here.  Only because I don't know what other word to use for it!
Have you ever fallen asleep upright, perhaps while traveling, and ended up suffering from neck discomfort?  We've all been there, done that. You will soon be sleeping like a baby with NapAnywhere!  The NapAnywhere is a portable head-support pillow designed to support your head and allow you to nap comfortably while traveling.  TheNapAnywhere is very different from the u-shaped micro bead neck pillows most people are used to. One of the problems with them is that they are just too big to make traveling with them convenient, not to mention that most provide inadequate support as well. The NapAnywhere was created by a physician to make traveling a more comfortable experience. His knowledge of human anatomy and his personal experience inspired him to design this unique product. The NapAnywhere is very comfortable, can be used effectively while traveling on planes, subways, trains, buses and cars and it’s small enough to fit into a briefcase or laptop bag.  

It folds up to almost nothing.  When you take it out you simply place it on your shoulder and lean your head onto it!  Taking a nap is that easy.  
It isn't to much weight on your shoulder since it is evenly distributed.  And the "pillow" part is perfect height and doesn't give you a weird neck cramp.