Norman Rockwell Presents: Christmas Tail

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Norman Rockwell Presents:   Christmas Tail

Release Date: November 3, 2015

Two single parents fall in love while “splitting custody” over a puppy they both wanted to give to their children for Christmas.

You may not know this but I am getting a new puppy 2 weeks before Christmas!  I didn't get the chance to meet my little fur ball yet, but I already love him.  I got to watch a few videos on him online and he has already started to walk around :)
When I read the description of this movie I couldn't wait to see it!  Mainly because it got me more excited about my puppy.
Not only do you get the DVD you also get a Norman Rockwell print.
So like most holiday movies it has that little sprinkle of cheesiness.  It has its plots twist one that we know always works it self out.  My hubby isn't big on holiday movies for this reason.  I personally LOVE them!  I like seeing everyone get a happy ending, I like seeing people overcome tough situations and most of all I love seeing the Holiday magic come to life in films.
This movie is cute!  My boys and I loved it and it was sweet seeing little Bear brings this family together.
I thought the acting was sweet, the story line was fun and the ending was heartfelt and warm.

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