One Fur All

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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On December 23, 2014 I had my heart torn from my chest.  I lost my friend, not only that I had to be the one to make the choice to put her down.  I had to hold her as she passed and I was helpless to do anything.  Besides talk to her and tell her over and over again that I loved her.
A lot of people kept telling me she is just a dog quit acting so dramatic.  Lucy was so much more than "just a dog" and I began to despise those words.   Even as I type them now I feel that same pain/rage I felt then when people said it to me
  Did they not realize her tail hitting the hallway wall was the first sound I heard every single morning.  That when I was brushing my teeth it was her sitting beside me wagging her tail.  She was the one who would rest her head on the lip of the tub when I got baths. That it was her I gave the crust to my bread to each morning.  That she was the one who went with me every single day to get the mail.  It was her I cuddled up with when I was cold, it was her I hid behind at night when I heard weird noises.  Watching TV it was her I called onto the couch with me.  At night I would hear her go around the house and check on everyone as they slept.  It was her fur that I soaked with tears when I was sad.   It was her silly face that calmed me down when I was mad.  She was the one who got most excited over my laughter.
 She was my first baby the first living creature I had to potty train, teach manners and put to bed.  I had Rocky, but he was an adult when I got him.  Lucy was the first baby to look at me to teach her the way of life, the first little life that depended on me.  She loved me just because I was me.  She wasn't just a dog she was my companion, she was my best friend.

It has almost been a year since I lost her.  We still have Rufus and Emma, I love them to death, but she was my first baby.  SHe will always have a special place in my heart.

  My hubby and kids have been pesting me for another puppy.
They don't realize it feels like a betrayal, that it feels like I am "moving on".
My hubby got through to me though and told me she would want me to have another puppy.  To put all the love I put into her into a another little fur ball.  That she would want me to be happy.  And that is true Lucy was happy and wanted everyone around her to be happy.
So with her love in my heart I finally said yes.  Around December 11th our new puppy will be ready to come home.  He is part lab and I plan to spend this entire month getting the house ready for him.

One thing I know as someone whom has raised her fair of puppies is it might get a bit smelly in the house.  Potty training days are always horrible!
The Starks always claim "Winter is coming!"  Well in the Miller household "Potty training is coming!"
(I am sorry I couldn't resist!)
 I am excited to have found One Fur All candles! 

 These Candles are perfect to reduce pet odors.  Even though I am getting a new puppy I can safely say Rufus on most days is stinky!  So this is great for both puppy and adult dog odors.

These 100% all natural soy wax candles are specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes.  Since they are made with an odor neutralizer.

They are infused with One Fur All's signature blend of essential oils.  
They are Hand-poured, Dye-free wax, contains no paraffin or petroleum by-products and have approximately 70 hours burn time!

Not only that but they are made in the USA and the jars are reusable.

Not only that they help support rescue centers.  My Rocky was a rescue pup and he was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known.  I love that this company is involvded in this and it makes me feel good to promote for them on my blog

I was sent several Christmas scents and right away I was amazed at the smell!  The second I got the box from the mail man I knew beyond a doubt what was inside.  They smelled amazing even through cardboard.
Next Up I am pretty impressed with how much of an area they cover.  I lit one in my bedroom and it not only had my room smelling good, but also the bathroom next to it and the entire hallway.
Finally I love that they last long.  I have had my burning for several days now (not straight I blow it out at night time and when I am not home) and I still think I will get at least 3 more days from it.

In a few weeks I am going to become the mama to another fur baby.  My new One Fur All candles reassure me that at least my home will smell good during the rough two weeks it should take me to train my little guy :).

I read the about section on the One Fur All page and they refer to their pets as family.  I can say reading that alone would have made me a customer for life.  My Lucy took a huge piece of my heart with her when she left.  I love that the owners of One Fur All get that.  They they understand these are family member and not just a dog.

To learn more and see all the scents they have to offer please see my link below: