Perfect stocking stuffers for her from Little Bamboo, Monika's Marketplace and Caren's Market

I was given products in this post for review.  All opinions are my own.

Perfect stocking stuffers for her from Little Bamboo,  Monika's Marketplace and Caren's Market

Every year my hubby asks what he should get me for Christmas.  Every year I say books, candy, clothing and bath stuff.  Pretty straight forward!
My hubby struggles though with my stocking.  I have to assume other men do as well so here are some cute ideas for you:
Little Bamboo's Womens No Show Socks 5 Pairs - Anti-Slip Anti-Odor Bamboo

Fit -  These fit perfectly and don't move when I walk.  I have other pairs like this and I feel like I have to keep taking off my shoe to pull them back up.  I am yet to have to do that with these.  They fit perfectly without being too loose or too tight. (I wear a size 8) The low setting makes them perfect for wearing with flats, I want to be complete honest though I can still see a little bit of the top of the sock.  I wear black flats though so unless you are looking directly at my feet you would never notice.
Feel -  I like how silky they feel.  There is some slight elastic around the top of the sock.  It is completely covered with material though so you don't need to worry about a weird rubber feeling against your foot.
They are really comfortable and the perfect solution when you want an almost no show sock 

Or you can give her the gift of cute tableware!

Bamboo Placemats Set of 4 - Everyday Use, Easy to Clean, High Quality Natural Bamboo With Black Border by The Little Bamboo

A few months ago my hubby let me get a new kitchen table.  I was so excited we have been using a hand me down since we moved out.  I put my table together and everything was perfect. Then we got Chinese food and when I went to pick up the white carton I realized some of it stuck to my table!!!  I quickly scraped it off and it was all good, I wanted to get placemats to protect my new table though.  WHich is why I was really excited when I seen these stylish bamboo placmats.
They are very cute, easy to clean and the perfect size for a plate, silverware and cup.
Not only that, but they are also really easy to clean.  And very durable, my boys have knocked them on the floor several times and stepped on them by accident and we are yet to have any tears.
I haven't stuck anything overly hot on them yet and I may not.  I dont want to push my luck with our new table.
I am very happy with this purchase though.  They look cute and really do help to protect my wood.

Handcrafted Bamboo Charcoal Soap - 3 Pack with Moringa, Turmeric and Mung Bean - Activated Charcoal Soap Bar to Detoxify Skin

For being artisan soap I was pretty impressed with the price!  I am use to paying about $10 a piece for something like this, so the price really excited me and I can see myself buying this set again!  The soaps look just like they do in the photo, there are maybe a few slight changes.  That is only because they are handmade and no two batches will look 100% the same.
Next I loved the smell, if you like a perfume/flower smell these are NOT for you!  They almost remind me of peppermint!  I love it and seeing as it is almost Christmas time I thought it was the perfect time to use them.
My skin feel really soft and fresh after using them.  I get a decent lather on my sponge :).  Plus I never knew this, but Charcoal is suppose to get the toxic out of you pores and help restore that natural glow to your skin!

All three products can be found at:
The Little Bamboo

So this next one may  not fit into a stocking, but making a women's life easier is always a welcomed gift!
Microwave Divided Plates with Lids - No BPA

 We have all heated something up in the microwave and had it get everywhere. I hate when my hubby heats up spaghetti it takes me forever to get all of the sauce. These microwave plates with lids are perfect for keeping the mess out of your microwave! There is 2 compartments to keep your food separate, also there is vent holes to release the steam. You can twist the little thing at the top to cover these holes and prevent your food for spilling into lunch cans, ect. They are a great size for left over and can fit a decent amount of food. The fact they are BPA free gives me peace of mind when heating stuff up in them. And they aren't overall tall, so I can fit them into my hubby's lunch. You also get 2 extra containers! These two have the vented lid options and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Overall I am impressed with how easy they are to clean, use and the amount of food I can get inside!

Can be found at:
Monika's Marketplace

Desk Drawer Organizer Set - Detachable 5 Piece 

My desk is always a mess!  It takes me forever to find anything in my drawers.  Thanks to this new set that is no longer an issue!  I now have a compartment for everything and it is always where it should be.
The different sizes make it easy to store different things.  They aren't attached to each other either so you can arrange them anyway you want.  You can even split them up to organize different drawers!
They are really durable and have a little bit of bend room, so you don't need to worry about snapping them.  They coating on the outside make them really easy to clean.  
They are the perfect way to get organized!
Can be found at 
Caren's Market