#petseatcover that keeps both my pets and I safe

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The Ultimate Pet Seat Cover / Dog Hammock with Machine Washable Fleece Dog Bed

There are three things I hate about traveling with my pups. The Ultimate Pet Seat Cover eliminates all those issues!

Lets start at the most obvious issue and the one that isn't too bad.

Hair - I love taking my pups places, but pet hair can be so annoying! Especially when it gets all over my clothing and bags. With this seat cover the pet hair is contained and doesn't get every where. Also it is washable. For those days when your pup is muddy and makes a bigger mess than normal.

Jumping up Front - My youngest pup Rufus has a bad habit of getting scared in the car. When this happens he does everything he can to get into my lap. It is pretty dangerous and even though I am normally able to get him under control I still wish it didn't happen. Thanks to the high sides of the hammock hooking onto to the head rests he is unable to get up front and into my lap. Keeping us both safe.
Sudden breaking - This is my biggest issue. Unlike me my pups can't brace themselves and I am also so afraid they are going to slam into the dash board when I break suddenly. Again the high end hammock provides a soft collision area for them. You can really secure this into place, meaning that when they hit it it stays still.
Life sometimes doesn't always go the way we want though and on the off chance I would get into a fender bending I would turn to a place that would give me cash for my less than perfect car

Contains pet hair and keeps me and my pets safe? I don't know what more I could ask for in a Pet Seat Cover.

Also it has nice roomy pockets I was able to store most of their stuff inside.

More information:
  • MACHINE WASHABLE FLEECE DOG BED - Most seat covers fall apart after repeated machine washing so we designed ours with a removable fleece bed that can be washed. Dogs, especially puppies get excited and pee or track dirt, dog hair and slush into your car. The seat cover portion can be used with or without the fleece dog bed. Without it, ours compares to the best seat covers on the market. With it, there is no competition.
  • FULL WIDTH STORAGE POCKET / SIDE SEAT FLAPS - Our storage pocket is on the "people" side of the hammock where you can reach it. Its extra large and spans the full width of the seat cover. Store all your doggie toys, leashes, harnesses and more in a pocket you can access from the front seat.
  • HEAVY DUTY QUILTED OXFORD CLOTH CONSTRUCTION WITH RUBBER NON-SLIP BACK - Our non-slip seat isn't a few rubber dots, we use a full edge-to-edge rubber backing which keeps the seat cover from slipping as your dog moves about. The Oxford cloth back is attractive and durable. It can be sponge-cleaned or hosed off and hung to dry. The seat back is quilted for an attractive yet comfortable feel.
  • NYLON STORAGE BAG WITH DRAWSTRING - Storing your pet seat cover is a breeze when Fido stays home. We provide a nylon storage bag with a draw string to keep your car seat covers for dogs tidy and clean when not in use. We thought about using a less expensive plastic bag but we wanted to be the best.
  • SEAT BELT ACCESS / SIDE FLAPS/ SEAT ANCHORS / LEATHER REINFORCED NYLON ATTACHMENT STRAPS WITH QUICK RELEASE CLIPS - The best seat covers provide these features so of course, so do we. Our seat belt access use Velcro to seal out dirt and dog hair from leaking through to your seats when not in use. It provides a tight seal around the seat belts when you do use them. The side flaps protect the sides of your seat when your dog enters or exits the car. Seat Anchors keep the hammock firmly in place in a fast stop situation. Emergency stops can lead to disaster if your dog slams into the seats and ends up on the floor. The heavy duty nylon straps with leather reinforcements means you will get years of care-free use.