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Pictures On Gold

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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A letter to My Lucy,
Dearest Lucy,
You know pretty girl I still cry when someone says your name.  I can't tell them how you got sick without breaking down.  I still walk into the house and forget you aren't going to be there to greet me.  I still put my hand under the table at dinner to try and sneak you a treat.  At night I find myself reaching down to scratch your head.  You have no clue how many times I reached for your leash to take you for a walk.  I miss your wagging tail and the sweet look that crossed your face when you were happy.  I miss your excited little barks and I even miss your tail whipping the back of my leg.  I miss our adventures, I miss having someone to walk with me to the mail box & bus stop.  I miss your goofiness.  You were the only one who knew I was crazy and loved me anyway.  I miss that unconditional love, Louie girl.  I miss you.  You will be gone for a year on December 23 and yet you are still very much alive in my heart.
I hope you know that you are loved.  I hope I gave you the life that you deserved.  You are now my furry little angel, and I know you had to go.  I just wish my heart wasn't so broken in your absence.
I love you

My Lucy had to be put down last year on December 23.  This isn't the first pup I had to let go, but this was the first one I had since she was a baby.  She was my first baby.  I had to wake up at night to take care of her when she cried, teach her manners, show her how to walk up steps & get back down, I was entrusted to show her the world, to give her a good/happy life.  She was never my responsibly she was always a gift.  One that I cherished and cared for every day.  She was my companion. 

Losing her broke something inside of me.  A small innocence that I didn't even realize I was holding onto.  Knowing she looked at me to protect her and make all the bad things go away and the fact that this time I just couldn't do it broke me.

I left her go, not because I wanted too.  No I didn't because she was in pain and I would never make my best friend suffer for my own selfishness. 
This last year has been rough. I hung so many photos of her, got her a grave plaque and did everything else I could think of to memorialize her.
When I leave my house though I have nothing.  Well I had nothing thanks to Pictures on Gold I can always take a small piece of her with me
I got a locket to put our photo on the inside! 
The photo is from a day last summer that her and I spent outside together.  My hubby and boys were off at some sort of game and we decided to have a girls day outside!

 The back readers
"My Lucy
Always in my Heart"

I love the tiny paw print on the front.  

This Locket is only one of the many items offered at Pictures on Gold.  And the way I customized mine is only one of the many ways to personalize them.

I had mine made so I could always keep My Lucy's photo near my heart.  But you could do so much.  They would make a super cute mother's day gift or even a Christmas gift!  

My Lucy may no longer be with me in life, but at least now I can carry a small piece of her with me always.

To learn more and see all they have to offer check out my link below:
Pictures on Gold

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