Setting a kids Holiday Table with Juicy Juice Splashers

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend about the kids table I plan to set up this holiday season.  She looked at me as if I were crazy and asked what the heck a kids table was!
I was a bit taken aback!  Who doesn't know what a kids table is?  When I was little I use to get so pumped about the table my mom would set up for my siblings and I.  There was holiday themed place settings, green & red juice, fun shaped treats, a kick butt table cloth and it just felt cool to have our own little table.  Many great conversations happened around that little table and I couldn't believe my friend never even heard of it.

I of course had to teach her how to do her own.  And with the help of Brandon and Quinn we told her everything we know :)

Rule number 1
It has to have things that are cooler then the adult table.  For example adults use reg forks.  The kids table has forks with Christmas bows and bells attached to them

Rule number 2 
It must be themed.  A regular table will work for the adults.  The kids need a buffet set up in the shape of a snowman, a holiday colored table cloth, plates & cups that feature holiday things (Snowman, Santa and Reindeer always suffice) and there must be hidden holiday treats all about.  Quinn wants to move his napkin and find a peppermint stick underneath.

Rule Number 3
They are kids, yes they have to eat the regular holiday food, but include something just special for them!  At the head table we have cranberry sauce my kiddos HATE this.  SO I always make them a fruit filled jello.  That way they still get a serving of fruit, but it is fun.

Rule number 4 
NO GLASS for the love of god no glass!  Year number 1 I gave my then 2 year old a glass cup needless to say it went everywhere and was smashed!  I know provide them with kid friendly drinks

The all new Juicy Juice Splashers is perfect for this!  

They are a refreshing 50/50 blend of filtered water and fruit juice in a pouch, which have 50% less sugar than the leading juice and added four new flavors to its line of kid-favorite 100% juices, including Strawberry Watermelon, Passion Dragonfruit, Peach Apple and Cranberry Apple.
Heck if you really want to get kids cheering get a plastic bowl for the dollar store, a large spoon and set them up their own little punch bowl!!

And my greatest advice for her was for that little bit of time you are planning your kids table pretend you are a kid.  Think of all the things you would have loved when you were little and include them!  Kids are easy a dash of color, a hidden treat and some holiday fun and they are happy!  

I would love to hear how everyone else plans to set up their kids table?  We are always looking for new ideas here!!