Spending time with my Grandmother and Johnny Mathis

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Spending time with my Grandmother and Johnny Mathis 

My grandmother is getting older, for someone her age she is still getting around really good!  The sad fact is she is getting around slower and everyday tasks are getting harder and harder for her.
A common cold has the power to take her down for weeks and I feel like everything is a fall hazard.  I love my nanny so I really struggle with all this.
I have been trying to do my part and make her life easier by helping her clean, cook and any other little tasks I can do for her.
It is great spending all this time with her.  She may be older, but she is still quick witted and funny!!  One of the things I discovered when hanging out with her is older music.
My grandmother has a HUGE collection and whenever I am down she always has me put a CD, cassette or record on. 
One of her favorites is Johnny Mathis and through her I too fell in love with his music.
When I seen they just released Johnny Mathis the Singles I just knew I had to get it for her.  And since I am always down there for myself as well :)

Johnny Mathis: The Singles brings together, for the first time in one anthology, every Johnny Mathis recording which was first issued for the singles market, as well as tracks released exclusively on compilations: 1958 s Johnny's Greatest Hits ( considered the first "greatest hits" collection ever created by the music industry), 1959's More Johnny's Greatest Hits and 1981's 

The First 25 Years--The Silver Anniversary Album. This 4-disc set including landmark hits "It's Not For Me to Say," "Chances Are" and "The Twelfth of Never" and more plus 

31 of the 87 tracks are being released on CD for the very first time!

For any Johnny Mathis fan out there I am sure you know how exciting this is for all these songs to be together!  The fact 31 are for the first time ever going to be on CD is awesome.  

His songs are classic.  I wont post my grandmothers age (my dad is 50) I don't think she would like, but I will tell you I am 28 and there is quite a bit of age difference.  The fact with both love Johnny Mathis proves his songs are timeless and great for all generations. 

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