Starling Watches

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.  All photos are borrowed from the site
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Growing up stinks thought younger me!  It can be tough giving up dreams, goals and fantasies.  I thought for sure as a child when I became a grown up life would be boring and dull.

  Boy was I wrong!  
As a kid things that got me dirty looks and made fun of are now okay.  I am allowed to be whomever I want and never have to worry about being judged.  I get to pick and choose who I have in my life.  I get to put together my own outfits, my own decor and my own likes.  No one tells me what food to eat, what games to play or what TV to watch.  After years of trying to be "normal" I am finally free to be me :).  And I wont lie I'm pretty freaking cool.
Or as my hubby would say "I'm a strange one!"  I love having my own uniqueness though and to be honest it is my little quirks that make me me.
Now if you have ever come to my house you will know the main focal point in my living room is a huge antique chest with cooper hinges.  You will also see my compass type clocks, my key clocks, my gear clocks, my beloved globes and pirate ships.
Next to those are my damask throw blankets.
There are many other types of chests in my living room and even an awesome hour glass.
Most people don't get it, but I love to surround myself with this type of stuff.  Vintage is kind of my look.
When I discovered the company Starling Watches I just knew I had to have one!
STARLING are incredible collectible Steampunk vintage pocket watches,
Now before you go thinking Steampunk/Vintage has been in for awhile, I want to tell you these watchers are  unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 
 STARLING tells a story.  A fascinating, romantic tale of time travel and adventure. 
As an advent book reader I love anything with a story I think it give it character and looking at it can evoke several emotions.
Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin collaborated to illustrate the short story written by Silicon Valley Frank Cohen. 
The watches feature the Chillovean lights, invented by Frank Cohen, capable of displaying 67 million color combinations. 

The watch is beautiful and the colorful lights are both enchanting and relaxing.  The long chain make it perfect to put into your pocket.  And you will never see the same color combination twice.
Not only that but you get a sculpted box to store your watch in when you are not wearing it.

There are 6 different watches and they are limited edition!  You should get them before they are gone.

I didn't have time to read the entire story yet, but for what I did the watches are in the story.  They are powerful and help you travel to different type periods.
Shortly before her death Allisandra gives Jeff a watch.  With the power of the watch he is able to travel back and interact with a younger Allisandra.  The story is a great adventure and very romantic.  And like all great stories it even has a villian.

I was able to review The Inception Watch.

  To get my watch to glow all I need to do is give it a little bump and it lights up.  The second I take it from my pocket it catches everyone attention with its beautiful light display.
To open the display area I just push down onto the top.
I am pretty sure I read somewhere only 1000 of each watch will be made.  So this is something that is pretty much once in a lifetime to own.

To learn more and see the other watches they have to offer check out my link below: