Storytime Theater

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My oldest was born November 1st 2007 and on November 3 2007 I read him his first bedtime story.  I remember poking my head out of our hospital room to make sure no nurses were about and I pulled his little bassinet over to my hospital bed and whispered the words of Cat in the Hat to him.  He only stayed awake for the first 2 pages, but I wanted to start this traditional right from the start.
I would have done it from day one, but he was in intensive care for the first two days.  As much as I wanted to read to him, my dyslexia stops me from ever reading in front of other adults.  And I am pretty sure it would have been frowned upon to tell the nurses to leave for a few minutes.
It is now 8 years (and almost one full month) later and we still read together every single night.  Things have changed up a bit and sometimes he reads to me.  Or sometimes we give Quinn a book and let him make up a story by look at the words.  Every night though before bed this is what we do.
We now have a new way to keep this tradition going with Storytime Theater by Tech 4 Kids

With the Storytime TheaterTM, kids can see and hear their favorite storybook characters come to life. Simply place the Press ‘N Play character on the screen of your smart device to unlock your favorite story. Through a wireless connection with the Projector, watch as the story magically comes to life on the wall, with custom animation for every page. Kids can enjoy three different modes: Read To Me, Bedtime, and Read It Myself. There are eight different Press ‘N Play Character stories to collect!
 Storytime TheaterTM App is available on iTunes and Google Play.

My boys love to see their favorite stories projected and come to life!  

There are a few issues though.  The app only works on certain devices, also you need to leave that device in the room when using the Storytime Theater.  This is fine at night time when I am putting the kids to bed, but when they want to play during the day I don't really like them having my device without me watching.

This device is cute, but it does have a few kinks.  

To learn more and see if this is something you could be interested please check out my link below: