There you are, Brandon. Wahl razor review

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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There you are, Brandon. Wahl razor review

This year for Halloween my hubby went as one of the Duck Dynasty men....  And no it wasn't on purpose, but his beard was so out of control that is what my family thought lol.
We had a costume party for my boys and being a man he refused to dress up.  So when a few of the guest asked if he was Willie from DD I couldn't help but laugh.

I know a few of you are thinking, let the man alone he likes having a long beard.  That is not the case, his older razor is junk!  The thing dies after 2 minutes of use and nicks his chin up a lot.  He hates it, so it is out of hate that he lets his beard grow.
A few months ago my brother was talking about his Wahl razor.  I could see it in my hubby's eyes that he wanted one.  So I of coursed pitched them for a review.  And they said YES :)!
Imagine me doing the hubby dance just thinking about that beard going away.

What you may not know about Wahl is they offer a razor for all styles.  If my hubby had his choice he would let a bit of hair on his chin and right under his nose.  They have the perfect precision razor for that.  They also have a razor for someone who likes an all over shave.  For those of you who just like to trim, under the nose shave, touch up the sides, pencil beard, mutton chops, tight beard, boxed beard, lumber jack beard, stumble look!
And that is only naming a few!
You simply go to their site, click your look and they will direct you to the razor that would best fit your desired look.
As a woman I never knew you men put so much effort into your beards!  I am sorry :)
So I went to their site and clicked on The Hipster, that most matched the look my hubby was going for.
I was then directed to the Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Plus razor

Heavy duty, stainless steel blades and body. The Lithium Ion Plus tool gives you everything you need to take care of all your grooming needs. You get a 4 hour run time, 2 times the torque compared to Wahl's standard trimmer. The world wide voltage makes this trimmer the best travel tool you will ever own.
Wahl’s Stainless Steel Lithium Ion plus is wrapped in sleek armor of stainless steel, this trimmer offers impressive features including innovative green smart-charge technology, which shuts the unit off after its fully charged. It also hosts a series of interchangeable heads for detailing, shaving and haircutting. Long lasting battery (four hours of run time) and a handy carrying case make grooming on the go uncomplicated. 
First what really got my hubby excited was the long battery life.  He hated when his older razor would die after 2 minutes of us.  So the 4 hours of charge time was a huge perk for him.

Next up was high light it was!  He told me that his older razor was heavy and at times would mess up what he was trying to do (Hence the nicks) the light weightiness lets him easily maneuver the razor to do what he wants.

The precision blades allows him to get into small areas and remove just a little bit of hair.  And since we are talking about blades the Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Plus has some real power!  My hubby only has to go over an area once to remove the hair.  Plus there is multiply blades so he can switch them up to get the hair all over his face!

After a few minutes in the bathroom my hubby step out and I could see his face again!  It so remind me of that movie quote from Hook when the little boys grabs Peter Pan's face and says "There you are, Peter."
Me being the dork that I am of course has to do this to my hubby, which got me a grunt and a dirty look
And what kind of writer would I be if I didn't share that dirty look that he gave me :)!!!

The Stainless Steal Lithium Ion Plus is only one of the many grooming tools offered by Wahl!  To see all they have please check out my link below: