Toilet Tree Toilet Paper Caddy, Dispenser, and Magazine Rack

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I have a small bathroom, worse yet my house is a one bathroom home!  Over the years I have gotten pretty creative fitting all my family's personal hygiene stuff inside.
When choosing pieces I need something that is multi functional and the Toilet Tree Toilet Paper Caddy, dispenser and magazine rack is just that!

Not only does it have a toilet paper dispenser it also has a magazine rack that is big enough to hold up to about 7-8 magazines.  It also had a handy toilet paper in the back to store extra rolls!  Whoot no more getting up at 5am because my hubby forgot to check the current roll before sitting down. He is the only man I know that does this at least twice a week!

For my review lets start at the beginning.
Putting it together was easy.  I think it was all of 4 steps and I think it was 4 screws.  I didn't even need a screw driver I could easily put them in with my hand.  Hubby did go back over them with a screw driver though he wanted to make sure everything was tight.

The stand has a weighted bottom to ensure it doesn't tip over.  The stainless steal look gives it a trendy look.
I can store 7 magazines easily in the rack and I can also store 3 extra rolls of toilet paper on the back

It is small enough that it doesn't take up much more.  My only issue is the height.  I do wish it was a bit taller, but this wasn't a huge issue.

This is a great multi functional piece that is great for all size bathrooms!! 

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