Ugly Snuglies

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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When I was little Care Bears were all the rage.  I remember those sweet cuddly bears and their cute little belly marks.  Cute is so 1990's though now kids like cool and wacky!  Last year I got my little guy a pug that farts when you squeeze him!   7 year old me would have fainted over this type of toy.  My kids laugh and think it is the greatest thing ever.
It is hard to admit my kids are cooler then I ever was lol  A few weeks ago they seen an advertisement for Ugly Snuglies
They couldn't wait to tell me!  "Mom they look so cool and each of them have a one of kind feature."
"That is neat buddy," as I turn around to finish my house cleaning....
"NO MOM YOU DON"T GET IT!  One of them has a radio, another has a flashlight, a blanket, a clock and secret hideout slots."
I know that voice no work is going to get done on my end until I check it out.  So to google I went and what I found was actually pretty cool!
  They are soft, oversize and creepily cute.  They fit in perfectly with my kids toys!
Each really does have its own unique surprise.
We were able to review Rowdy Rabbit.  He has a radio!  My kids have been playing his radio for days now.  According to Quinn it isn't a radio that is just his Rabbit singing.
Here is what each Ugly Snuglies has:
Inside Porky Panda is a super soft blanket that’s perfect for sleepovers. 
Krazy Kitty has a light in its tail, so you can read at night, or in the car. 
Bizarre Bear has 5 secret pockets so you can hide all of your favorite stuff. 
Unusual Unicorn has an alarm clock, so you can wake up for school every morning by yourself. 
Rowdy Rabbit has a hidden FM radio, so you can listen to all your favorite music. 
Pouty Pig has a secret piggy bank inside…It’s the perfect place to save all your money. 

Their website claims they are so ugly they are cute and I have to agree!  There is just something charming about these creepy little guys.  My boys love their Rowdy Rabbit and I have a feeling we are going to be getting more!