Underwear Concept

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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A few years ago my boys use to get excited over underwear with characters on them!  I remember going to the kids section and they would each pick out their favorite cartoons to wear on their little bums.
Brandon is now 8 and insist cool kids just wear plain undies!  What??  No more cartoon undies?  No worries right?  I still had Quinn to put in cute little underwear.
NOPE, according to Quinn Brandon is cool so if he wants to be cool he has to be just like him.
So the character underwear are now gone and we started wearing plain undies.
My little guys picked out some Puma undies a few weeks ago and bewildered I pointed out the Puma and asked them doesn't that count of a cartoon.
WIth huge eye rolls they told me NO some designs are cool.
Gah I have so much to learn.
The latest Underwear to make their cool is Underwear Concept.
They are a new generation super smooth soft mateirals. 100% organic materials.  That guarantees comfort and anti-allergic for infants and children.

Plus besides the cool little bee they are just a solid color.  This so passed the cool test according to my boys :)

They make both boys and girls underwear.  They also offer adult sizes as well.
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