Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yacun Women's Bohemian Surplice Stripe Chiffon Maxi Casual Dress

Disclaimer:  I was given a coupon to purchase the product in this post.

Yacun Women's Bohemian Surplice Stripe Chiffon Maxi Casual Dress 

This is the 2nd dress I purchased from this shop and I have to say it is my new favorite dress shop!!  The dresses are always perfect size, match the photo 100% and the material is amazing.
Let me break down my review in sections to give you a better idea on each.
Size -  I ordered my size and when the dress arrived it was a perfect fit.  Please use their sizing chart when ordering though.  They do sizes a bit differently.  The bust and everything fit just right.  I am a bit on the shorter size I am only 5 foot 2 inches.  The dress didn't drag on the ground, the very bottom though did touch the ground.  I wanted to avoid the bottom getting ruined, so  I wore a boot with 2 inch bottoms to keep the dress off the ground.  The boots actually looked super cute with the dress so this is most likely how I will wear it from now on.  Great length but if you are like me and on the shorter side just wear something with a small heal/bottom.
Color -  I love the bright bold colors of this dress.  What you see in the photo is 100% what it looks like when it arrives.  I love not only the colors, but also the diagonal striped design.  I think this design actually gave my body a slimmer than "my" normal look.
Material - This dress is light weight so you can wear it without getting overly warm.  Their are shinny buttons at the bottom of the sleeves I thought this gave it a real poshed look.  The sleeves are sort of see through so this added a bit more trendiness to the dress.  Also the bottom is flowy I loved how it felt natural and never constricting.   I think it is a great dress for both fall and spring.

Finally I loved how versatile the dress is I wore it with boots and a pearl necklace.  I could so see myself wearing a pair of pumps too for a more posh look.  Or even a cute pair of sandals for a casual look. 

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