Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Zipit Bedding

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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10 years ago had you told me I would be having 1/4 of the conversation I have had as a mother I would have thought you were crazy.
Fast forward to current day and I am a true believer that anything and everything will come out of a child's mouth.

That is a whole post in itself.  Today though we are going to focus on my kiddos beds.
"Brandon and Quinn make your beds so I can come in a vacuum the floor."  I say it all nonchalantly hoping that I don't come across as desperate.
"We can't."  My head droops as that feeling of an oncoming battle settles over me.
"Child Labor Laws..."
"Yeah mom turns out we can't be doing housework, my friend Corey told me it was against the law.  I could call the cops on you, but I love you so I wont."  Readjust my apron, set my face into an angry scowl and burst into the room.
"YOU WILL MAKE THAT BED AND YOU WILL DO SO NOW."  I say as I channel my inner Dragon.
Giggle occurs and Quinn tells me
"You face looks silly." DNFGIOJHE*IND
Deep Breath
"Please make your bed and lets not fight about it."   Both kids shake their heads.  Brandon then tells me
"Sorry mom we just can't we love you to much to let you break the law."  
"Okay, okay boys I understand....  But if these beds aren't made by the time I am done cleaning the kitchen I am going take your WII U and throw it into the trash."  Looks of outrage cross their face as they rush over and see that yes I have taken the WII U.
"Oh but I would."
"You're an animal mom!  AN ANIMAL! What kind of mother says that to her kids?"
"Get to work boys."  I walk away from the room to do my other housework.  For the next hour (I kid you not an hour) I hear cries of pain, that can only come from the most extreme torture.  Pleas for mercy and finally offerings to sell their soul if they can get out of making their bed.
When it is all said and done I come in and still have to fix the bed up a bit, because it is always a bit crocked.  And I get that sad feeling knowing we just wasted an hour over something that should have taken two minutes.  I hand Brandon the WII U and he crawls into a corner stroking it saying "My Precious" 

When my boys called me into the living room day and showed me this all new bedding called Zipit I thought maybe it was a cruel prank.  Maybe someone thought it would be funny to dangle this ingenious invention in front of me only to pull it away and tell me it isn't real.

Oh but it is real and it is making my life so much easier!

Zipit Bedding is all in one zippered bedding that is the ultimate time saver for both parents and kids. This product has turned a dreaded chore into something fun and super easy – you just Zipit! The bedding comes in awesome glow in the dark reversible patterns and easily fits on and off the bed in one piece.

They are reversible so you can change up the style when you want.  This just slip onto the bed and then all kiddos need to do to make a bed neat is Zip them up!  That is it!  No extra work, no moaning, no huge blanket mess on the floor. It takes my boys 5 seconds to zip up their beds.  Some times a bit longer if they have a stuffed animal.  If they need to move a teddy it make take all of 10 seconds.
There is even a side pocket to store stuff.  My Quinn gets scared some times at night so we keep a flash light near by for him.  Instead of searching around in the dark now all he has to do is reach his little hand into the pocket and it will always be right there. 
They come in designs which is perfect for smaller kids and also solid colors.  Those are perfect for older kiddos and even collage aged kids.

I don't know about you, but I for one was tired of the making the bed fight.  My kids actually think it is fun to "zip" their bed and haven't argued with me about doing it yet.
I have to much to do in a day to keep having this argument over and over again.
It was easy for me to put on the first time.  Then super easy for my kiddos to make/zip up.  And when I need to clean them they are super easy again to remove.
Everything about this product is easy!

To learn more and see all their designs check them out online at the link below:


  1. getting my youngest to make her bed is such a fight. everyday! I like this idea. It would help her see how a bed is suppose to look while made but for the time being, make it easy for her. Having this would definitely make our lives easier.

  2. OHH the joys pr motherhood. I will have to give it to them for trying! I love the whole against the law so we can't do it! Kudos to you to standing up to it! LOL

  3. I Have heard great things about this. I saw it on shark tank I think and remember saying it was a great idea.

  4. Ohhh! I'll need to look into this brand! Making my kids bed every morning is such a chore!!

  5. Both of my kids need this Heck, I wouldn't mind it for my bed too!

  6. This is so cool. I think my kids would have loved trying these out. They would help them get used to the morning routine of making the bed.

  7. Zipit looks like a great product. I hate making the bed and I don't make my kids make their beds everyday. Zipit would cut down on the fighting when we do make the beds.

  8. Did I see this on Shark Tank? I think I did. I remember something about bedding that zips up and the sharks didn't like it.

  9. Oh my, I need this! I'm going to look into this brand, Zipit does sounds like a great product.

  10. Every time this commercial comes on my son goes nuts! I might just have to purchase it this year.

  11. I was actually thinking that this might be just want I want so that my boys can finally make their beds. I'll have to check it out.

  12. Okay I love this story because I think it may happen to all of us. The "My precious My precious.", comment has come from my youngest son more than once and it made me crack-up every time. This bedding I am going to have to check out for sure.

  13. When kiddo was younger we had an easier time of getting her to make her bed because it was a regular bed and mattress set. Now she has a loft bed so getting her to make it has become bit of a chore.

  14. This is such a great idea! I think the kids would enjoy it so much you would never have to remind them to make their beds again!

  15. I have seen these a lot lately! They look really cool and great for kids who have trouble making their beds.

  16. Sounds so familiar. Mdaughter drags the time when it comes to makkinlg beds (she's ten) but my son, automatically makes her bed as soon as he wakes up (he's 8). She gets it done but I have to remind her so many times. I would love one for my daughter!

  17. Neatest idea ever! That's what my son needs for his bed, like really! It would save both of us time and energy because I am the one who makes his bed sometimes. :)

  18. My daughter Ava has been asking for this now for like a month, almost everyday. It looks so awesome and is so perfect for kids. I'll be getting it for her for Christmas! - Jeanine

  19. Gosh, I need these so bad! My kids have such a tough time making their bunkbeds!

  20. This sounds like a super convenient and easy option for littles thanks for sharing!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  21. This sounds so interesting! I bet it's so helpful to have this for children. I'll be sure to check it out for my daughter.

  22. Kids I tell ya! We don't have a problem with his bed since it's almost never "undone" but I like that Zipit bedding! Might have to get this for my own bed lol

  23. I've seen it and wondered about it. I think it sounds like an easy way to make the room look nice. :)

  24. I need to be all over that zip it bed, with four boys that complain about making their bed every morning, we sure could use this! Very cool!

  25. I think it's pretty cool that they have glow in the dark options – I LOVE things that glow in the dark. I think the bedding does make it fun to make the bed.

  26. This is such an awesome item. I honestly wonder if they would zip it or stuff it full of all the thing they are supposed to put away.

  27. How fun! I actually saw this (or something similar) on Shark Tank and really wanted to try it out. I can't wait to get one for my son when he moves into a toddler bed.