3DLight FX

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Brandon was born a little over 8 years ago!  On November 1st we celebrated his 8th birthday.  Lots of things have changed in those 8 years as I am sure any parent would understand.
Instead of focusing on all the changes though I want to talk about his room.  Well their room Quinn and Brandon now share a room.

We started off with Winnie the Pooh all over the place.   Bedding, curtains, wall decals and even a pretty awesome rug.  When I found out I was having a boy though I decided right from the start I was going to push my dorky nature on him.
You see growing up none of the girls at school liked Star Wars and Super Heroes as much as I did!  They were all pumped to see the Notebook (which I do like), but I couldn't wait for Lord of the Rings!  I'm going to be honest with all of you I was considered weird.  I know a few of you just rolled your eyes, I'm pretty sure you all figured out I was weird a long time ago.
When I found out I was having a boy I was excited.  Why you may ask?  It seems it is more acceptable for a boy to yell out May the Force be With you.  And when he gets angry and yells Hulk smash everyone laughs.
What was dorky for me will most likely make him cool :)
So back to their room.  Before he was born I so had Star Wars and Super Heroes all over his walls.
Over they years decor has come and gone.  Winnie the Pooh is a thing of the past.  We went through our Barney stage and even a weird teddy bear stage.
No matter what stage we went through the Super Heroes and Star Wars have always stayed!
He still has the Jar Jar Binks I drew him on the wall (in case anyone is wondering his nick name Binky so came from Jar Jar Binks.  He use to call him Binky)

With that being said when I discovered 3DLights FX I just knew we had to have it.
Basically it is a 3D light that looks like it is bursting from your wall.
Plus it is cordless so you don't need to worry about little ones pulling it down.  It is battery operated.  And even though it doesn't plug in it still gives off a decent amount of light.  No it doesn't light up his entire room, but it gives enough of a glow to make him feel safe when he gets scared 

We of course got the Hulk Fist!  I mean come on who wouldn't take the chance to have it look like the Hulk is about to burst through their wall lol

There is an easy off/on switch.  I liked that it was easy enough to for my little guys to use.  That way when the scared at night they can do it themselves.
They don't turn off by themselves though so I would get rechargeable batteries for this.

My 5 and 8 year old thinks it is the coolest thing ever.  And whenever someone walks into their room it is of course they first thing they notice!  I am thinking about getting them the Hulk Face light and putting it a bit higher, that way it will really look like the Hulk smashing through :)