A company that really cares TeenyMates

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Back in on September 3rd I was contacted by a PR firm to review TeenyMates.  If you know my family you will know we are really big into sports!  Every Sunday we are huddled around the TV cheering on our favorite teams.  During the summer it is nothing for us to be at a ball game.  For my wedding anniversary this year my hubby got a hotel room and we spent the weekend at Penn State for their October 3rd game.  
When they contacted me in my excitement I called the boys over and showed them the awesome product we were going to get.
They couldn't wait to start collection TeenyMates and even cleared a space off on their dresser to display them.
 By September 24th nothing arrived so I reached back out to the PR Firm to see if there was a shipping delay.  For almost 21 days my boys ran to the mail box to see if arrived (Not Sunday obviously)
I was ignored!  That was fine they may have been busy.  October 28 with sad faces my boys asked if they did something wrong and that is why they weren't sent the product.
Upset I recontacted and still was ignored.  November 3rd I was again ignored.
Finally on November 24 I lost my temper  
After months of being ignored this is all the woman had to say to me

I apologize for the inconvenience. We decided not to move forward with this opportunity. I should have let you know.  

Are you kidding me!?  You contacted me, got my kiddos excited, fell off the face of the earth and that is all you have to say.  So I went right to the source and sent TeenyMates our whole email conversation.
You want to not work with me that is fine, but to do that to my boys was rude.

I explained to my kids that it wasn't going to come, that they shouldn't keep waiting for it.  We went to the store and purchased one for each of them and started a small collection.
These little men are fun to play with and to display.  And it is always fun to see which one we are going to get!  Because you never know.
My boys loved them and even though I was bummed we didn't get to do a review I was still excited that my kids found a fun new toys out of the whole experience.

Imagine my surprise last week when a package fromTeenyMates arrived.  TeenyMates never emailed me back, but they still made it right.  They realized two sweet little boys were waiting on this product and they sent it.
To me this makes then a company that cares!  
I was sent a super cute TeenyMates NFL Collector Tin 

It is the perfect way to display there small collection!  And the tin also has a few packages of the little TeenyMates!  A display and more little men to add to their collection?!?!  My boys was ecstatic.
Each high quality collector's tin serves as a storage bin for your figures and comes with four packs of NFL Series 4 TeenyMates. Each of the individual packs contains two TeenyMates NFL Series 4 Figures and two double-sided puzzle pieces. ADDITIONALLY, each collector's tin comes with an EXCLUSIVE Referee Figure AND the NFL Standings Stadium Display. Make any collection stand out with the NFL Series 4 TeenyMates Collector's Tin.