Battat Co

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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When I was a little girl Christmas to me was all about the gifts.  I remember being extra sweet to my grandfather around the holidays so we he would get me more.  As an adult it is now about spending time with my family and celebrating the birth of Christ and all that he stood for.
I am not one of those naive moms whom has herself convinced that her kids are saints and see the holiday in the same way I do.
For them the best part of about Christmas is the gifts and getting off or school.  That is fine!  One day they will be adults and understand the deeper meaning, for now though they are fine being kids.

Nothing makes me happier then seeing smiles on my boys faces.  And come Christmas morning the right gift is sure to light up their faces.
Which is why I am excited to have discovered a new company Battat CO. their toys are fun, bright and sure to have kiddos everywhere cheering.  I know the two toys my kids got had them pretty excited.
Even though I can't cover all the amazing things offered by Battat Co I want to talk about the two items we were personally able to review:

Do you remember those flimsy Teepees you use to make with a sheet and some well placed chairs?  What if that Teepee could stand longer, what if it could stay up all day and night and never have to be taken down?
Thanks to the Our Generation Suite Teepee it can, plus this one lights up and even opens and closes!
The inside chandler can easily be turned on and it stays in place.  I don't have to worry about it falling onto my little guys.
It was really easy to put together.  There are plastic pieces that you push together.  There is no tools required!

 Once together it stayed in place.  

I love the fun colors and so do my little guys.  The designs are fun and the colors are bright making it perfect for kids.
You can keep the flaps open or closed.

The mesh window adds to the fun, my little guys like looking out at me.  Or pretending our puggle is a bear.  Rufus of course thinks this is the best game ever peeking in at the boys through their little window.
Two kids can sit up inside, but if they are laying down it only fits one.  We only had a smaller corner in their room that had space, so the size worked perfectly for us.
The best part though had to be the inside light!  Even I couldn't resist laying down and looking up :)  It added a whole magical feel

Next up we were able to review Bristle Blocks!

Bristle Blocks are fun, easy to join and you can use your imagination to create your own designs or reproduce one of our suggested setups. The different sizes and special pieces will stimulate creativity. A great long lasting toy with an infinite amount of possibilities.
Okay so I copied that right from the site.  I didn't know how else to word just how fun these little blocks are!  They easily go together and the endless possibilities really let little ones use their imaginations to create and recreate over and over again!
And when I say easy to put together I really mean easy.  There is no snapping or pushing required

I love how well they stick together, Quinn is 5 so even though he has mastered the block a long time ago it is still great for me when I don't have to help him snap them together.
And they stay together! 

 With other brands a strong gust of wind can undo them.  These Bristle Blocks hold together!!!
They are perfect for little hands and you can make so much with them!
I kind of get how they got the name Bristle Blocks, because they sort of remind me of little comb bristles :)

The two toys I reviewed are only two of many offered by Battat CO their toys are high quality and built to last.  They promote imaginative play in little ones and in my opinions are timeless!
TO see all they have to offer check out my link below: