Best stocking Stuffers for Women

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
Welcome to the 2015 Simply Me Holiday Gift guide!  The holidays should be fun.  At times finding the perfect gift, great deals, decorating and recipes can be overwhelming.  The Simply Me Blog wants to put the fun back into the Holidays so over the next several weeks I will be posting great gifts for everyone, decorating tips, recipes and everything in-between!
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Men if you are out there thinking what the heck can I put into my woman's stocking this is so the post for you!  We are not as difficult as you think to shop for.  And most of us will love it no matter what it is, just because we know you were thinking of us.  The fact you are reading this post for ideas proves you care <3

Now for those of you with difficult women (my brother in law, my sister is a brat)  you may want to put a bit extra thought into it.  Either way these stocking stuffers are sure to please all women.  The cool easy going ones like me and the bratty ones like my sissy!

Holiday Party Stocking Stuffers.  This is for the lady who likes to look good and feel good at all times.  Give her a little something to pamper herself for Christmas parties and she will adore it!
Not only are these great for the holidays but for year round!

Great holiday party stocking stuffers
Great stocking stuffers for year round

Must have stocking stuffers

As a woman I could safely say I would love to find any of these in my stocking!  Add some chocolate and a good book and you may just be my hero
(Yes hubby I know you aren't great with subtle hints, that last one was for you :)!! lol)