Bring on the joy with a Santa Costume of your own!

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I am so over going to the mall and paying some grumpy Santa to let me kids sit on his lap.  Last year our Santa smelled like cigarette smoke and you could so tell he didn't want to be there!
I paid $50 to get a photo of my kids crying and some guy glaring at the camera!
This year my hubby and I agreed we were going to figure out a plan B.  Which is when I came up with the great idea to buy our own Santa suit!
First off in the long run we will save money.  I can just get mine out every year instead of going to the mall.
I can take as many photos as I want until I find one that I love!!!
Plus I can get photos of my pets with Santa :)  Something I always wanted to do.
So I didn't want to spend to much money, I wanted to if possible keep it under $100
After some searching I found a super cute affordable Santa Costume  at Costume Super Center!
They also offer them at Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Our costume was velvet soft just like Santas!  It came with the hat, 2 piece suit, belt, gloves and boot covers!
I ordered a wig, beard and glasses myself.
It fits both my hubby & I.  There was even room for me to put a pillow instead the belly part!!

The suit is really durable and I can tell it is going to last us many Christmases.  I was teasing my hubby saying that maybe one day he wont need to wear the white wig any more :)
Plus it makes sense money wise.  This is a one time purchase I can use it again and again.  Now I can save gas money not having to drive to the mall and I can save on over priced photos!

I don't know about you, but taking my own Santa photos just makes sense.  My kids know it is me and they are okay with that.  After the photos last year they never want to go back to the mall.