Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Brylane Home 30" Golden Reindeer Wreath

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Brylane Home 30" Golden Reindeer Wreath

Before you enter my home the first thing you see is my front entrance.  Of course there is the clique welcome mat and most likely a toy my kiddos forgot to put away, but that is it.  No wow factor nothing to make you get excited about entering my home.  Just a plain old door and a gritty mat.
When I seen the beautiful Holiday Wreaths being offered by Brylane Home I just knew I had to have one.
When peopled came to my house I wanted them to be whoa'ed before they even entered.  I wanted my front door to look its best for my guest come.  This time of the year is when I get most of my visitors.  
The other 11 months I am a bit of a hermit, so no one by the mailman to impress then.
The 30" Golden Reindeer Wreath is breath taking.  The glitter and glitz give it a really posh holiday feel.  And I didn't know this until it arrived, by it also had holiday lights!  And don't worry you don't need a outlet by your door the lights are battery operated.

Now I hung mine indoors, since my front door is glass you can see it from the outside.  I also think this would look amazing over a fireplace or TV mantel.

I couldn't find a hook on the back so I simple stuck the wreath on my door hanger.
Also I know I said it takes 3 batteries, the box they go in is hiding from view.  The only way you see it is if you go looking for it.
It is well made and the "sprigs"  look real!
I have gotten several compliments so far and no one even notices my old gritty welcome mat anymore!
TO learn more and see it in store, please click my link below:
30" Golden Reindeer Wreath

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